3rd gen, 45 (2023.12.10)

We have completed all live performances of

Shinzanmono LIVE at THEATER MILANO-Za!



Ten performances

that started from November to December

It seemed like a long time, but it was only but a moment








A week has flown by since then~~

I’m still immersed in the afterglow










How was it, everyone?

Did you enjoy it?


I had fun, very much so






It feels like I will put an end to this afterglow

if I write my feelings on blog

so I was a little hesitant to write one
























First of all,

I am very happy

to have received an opportunity like this


I think that it is a first attempt

in our history where a live performance

featuring the newcomers of each of the Sakamichi groups was held


When we first told about it

I was happy about it,

but at the same time, I was also very surprised

I was also surprised to know that we would have ten performances






I was happy to all eleven of us

was able to work hard until the end together




A nostalgic sight ( ˙˙)!











Thank you very much

to everyone who has come to the venue,

to everyone who has watched the streaming,

to everyone who has sent us your power!





I’d be happy

if you could come to love the 3rd gen even more ( ੭ ˙˙ )੭





I’ve come to love all of you

even, even more!

An important presence





From now on, I’d like to try many things

together with everyone


I’m happy to have strong feelings

have been born~
















I was thoroughly immersed in the afterglow,

so from now on,

I’d like to develop the many things

I felt and gained during this period!






Being able to challenge many different songs this time

has also made me keenly feel the fun

of performing


Songs with a strong message

Songs that are cool

Songs that are sad

Songs that are just simply fun

Songs that have a mature feeling


I enjoyed all of them ( ¨̮ )

I’d like to continue to go through trial and error

so that I’ll be able to deliver any song well


I’ll have to work hard!
























I was thinking of writing more things

but for the time being

I’ll end my blog here




It has truly become

something I will never forget for life!














Thank you very much

for reading this far 🌝






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