Good evening (2023.12.31)

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Thank you very much.



It’s been the year where I was able to join Sakurazaka46 as a 3rd generation member


In 2023 I was able to experience so many things that I don’t think there will ever be a year where I experience as many changes, but it’ll be great if I could say the same thing at the end of 2024.




2023 has been so intense,


but it’s not even been a year yet since I was revealed to the public…


“It hasn’t even been a year yet, y’know!?”

“Can you believe it~?”

Recently I’ve been having such conversations with many different people, and I am filled with much gratitude to everyone who has given us the opportunity to experience so many things in the short time we have been a member




This blog will be quite a longer one.

From here on, I will be using more direct and casual words than usual.



Miu has a habit of falling to the left, so I used to sit on her left, it’s very nostalgic how we both used to ride the shinkansen every week to attend lessons…



As I look back to various pictures, it makes me feel nostalgic about how everyone celebrated my birthday last year

My face looks very young, isn’t it… lol


I have always been somewhat embarrassed about my birthday… I tend to avoid meeting other people, but when everyone celebrated with me on this day, I was so happy that I cried~




Reina Camera


I sure want a camera too

I’d like to capture the trivial moments. I’ve been saying that I need to take pictures more regularly… so maybe I’ll start taking them once I have a camera~ Or so the excuse is.☺︎



I went out a lot.




And then lastly.


When I joined the group and was selected as a senbatsu member for 7th single,

I updated my blog with mixed feelings, but my feelings have become clearer through my activities.


As there are more opportunities to see me in different places,

“It was so fun”, “I was so happy”. When you all said those words to me, I felt like I figured out the reason why I worked hard.



At that time, I was only able to see my own feelings,

but now I’m able to take things on with a positive feeling as I do my best to make everyone happy.☺︎


It is still difficult to put into words, and I have erased and rewrite it many times while thinking that if it doesn’t come across well, I might have well not written it down… However, when I think about how I could arrive at this feeling because you have always conveyed to me in words things that otherwise would not be conveyed, I decided to write it with the hope that this feeling can be conveyed to you, even if only a little.





Thank you very much

to everyone that I met in 2023.

Please give your continued support for Yamashita in 2024 as well








See ya.

Please take care of me in 2024 too, okay?


Yamashita Shizuki

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