Shonin Yokkyu (2023.09.27)

The MusicVideo for 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu (Desire for Approval)” has been released…!






Before the filming, I got the chance to read the proposal
and listened to the brief from the Director

At the time,
I was suddenly moved to tears
by the theme contained in this work
It was the first time something like that happened, it surprised me


Themes such as “I am who I am”
or “I have to be myself”
The pressure of not being able to live otherwise


I remember feeling a tremendous feeling of sympathy with the feeling of
Not understanding yourself anymore
And gave up before even trying to understand,
because it’s too difficult
Trying so hard to become the person you decided to be
and feeling of something that isn’t you getting bigger and bigger


In this society that is centered around SNS
there more you work hard in different places
the more you hear more things
I feel that I have met a song
that saved me when I started
to lose track of myself!



The production period for this song really saved me

I put all my feelings and conflicts into it
from the moment we were taught the choreography


All that’s left
is to deliver it to as many people as possible.


I have promised myself
to do the best I can through this song

There is no doubt
that I have given it my best until now,
I can still find things that I can do
I still have the strength to face it


I hope that it can reach
those who are feeling the same way!
And I hope that I can be a part
of delivering Sakurazaka’s coolness,
explosive power, and fieriness.


I will continue to frantically give it my all
Please let me do my best here

I look forward to your continued support in 7th single as well







The 3rd round of Miiguri application is currently open!

This links up with what I wrote earlier,
but the “direct” words I received from everyone
can be said to be the magic medicine that brings me back the most


Your blunt feelings and blunt words
of conveying things like
“I watched that show”, “That was great”, “I like that”

For me, that is the best way
to get myself to accept myself


In the time we spent together
I could always be honest with myself
such as “I sure am happy” or “I sure did my best”
A gentle moment where I could feel at ease, something that I could rely on

So I’d be happy if you could
come and see me ☺︎




But it’s not just all about that
In the end, my miiguri is
filled with lots of fooling around and laughter,
so by all means, please do come
and let’s have a fun time together~!!
I’m waiting for you! I’ll be waiting!!



Well then. See ya ☺︎

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