“Shonin Yokkyu” Murai Yu (2023.09.29)




Good evening



This is Murai Yu

who is full of energy again today!









Today is Friday


Truly, thank you very much for your hard work

at work, school, and part-time work again this week.





You and I have both done a great job~!




When you are tired, please close your eyes and take deep breaths

and think of me, okay?~



I will always be cheering for you!






“Seijaku no Boryoku” Music Video

has reached 3 million views 🌸



It makes me truly happy that it’s been seen so much!


I hope that this will continue to be a work
that comforts your heart.
















The music video for the 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu” has been released.




Thank you very much to everyone who has given it a watch.


It has become a very cool and wonderful work.


I hope that you could watch it many times over.




By the way,


I’m the girl with a high ponytail hairstyle.




I went with this hairstyle
with the hope that it’ll make it easier for you to spot me.




Did you manage to…?




I might only be shot for a brief moment,
but I hope that I could still leave an impression.




Even if it’s not so now,

I want to be able to express myself in such a mesmerizing way
that I can leave a lasting impression with a momentary facial expression or dance.




During the MV filming, I couldn’t take my eyes off the seniors’ expressions.


They were really cool.



I was able to see it directly, and learned a lot from it.



I hope to be able to further expand my range of expression in the future.








The 3rd gen members.


It’s very reassuring how we support each other.

I can do my best because I have everyone with me.


Thank you as always ☺︎





In the gallery scene,

the dance progresses from

1st gen-san -> 2nd gen-san -> new 2nd gen-san -> 3rd gen


In that scene, lies the meaning of


Past -> Future

Future -> Past.




I danced my heart out with the hope
that I can continue the group’s future as a part of the 3rd generation.





There are many other meanings and thoughts put into this music video.



I hope that I can talk more about it in the future.





And then,

After finishing the music video filming,
everyone celebrated my birthday.



I received a cute cake too, it made me very happy! ♡



Truly, thank you very much! \( ¨̮ )/



⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰









The 3rd generation members made their appearance in the game app, UNI’S ON AIR.


I’m really happy!




I immediately rolled the gacha!


And I received,

Yuzu and Reina’s SSR 🌟




I rolled the gacha until I ran out of gems, but I still didn’t get any of my own cards… lol



Airi got my SSR card and raised it to the MAX level.


Yay~! ( ¨̮ )



By all means, please raise me in your account as well~ 🐰




Chibi Yu!

It’s amazing how similar it is down to the tiniest detail


It makes me really happy~

Smile smile









Next are announcements!





All of us 3rd generation members

will be decorating the cover of B.L.T November edition and its main feature!!





Airi and I will be

decorating Top Yell NEO 2023 AUTUMN’s cover and main feature,
which will be released on 2nd October (in three days)



By all means, please check out both magazines! ♡









The first and latter half of

“Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka: We ain’t losing when it comes to athletic ability! Redemption battle!”

has been broadcasted



We, 3rd gen members, played dodgeball with our seniors!

It was very exciting and fun~!



I also managed to pull a miraculous move of catching the ball with my foot…!

It shocked me as well



I hope that we can hold a ball game competition in Sakurazaka one day~







I’ll be answering questions from everyone!




Q. What do you buy when you go to a convenience store?


A. Ice cream 🍦


My dream is to one day have a freezer full of it!




Q. What song do you want to listen to before going to bed at night?


A. Johnny Stimson-san’s Butterflies




Q. Which Sanrio character do you like?


A. I think it’s Cinnamoroll, Pochacco, and Pompompurin~ ♡




Q. Which curry does Yu-chan like? Mild, medium hot, hot?


A. I like mild and medium hot!


I pick the level depending on my mood~




Q. Which 3rd gen song does Yu-chan like the most?


A. I love everything, but I guess it’s “Anthem time”~


I really like the lyrics! I can’t wait to perform it in a concert and hype it up together with you~!





That’s all for the questions 💡



I read all of your letters~!

It encourages me ☺︎



Day by day, my desire to meet you grow even stronger.


I really look forward

to 7th single’s meet & greet~ ♪






That’s all for today!





Thank you very much for reading my blog!



Tomorrow is Miu’s blog~!

Please look forward to it~~ 🕊







please keep your spirits up~!

I will always be by your side 🐇➰



See ya!





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