2023 Murayama Trivia Murayama Miu (2023.09.30)




October starts tomorrow

We can start talking about
When tomorrow comes
There will only be two months left in the year


We can also start talking about
When the year changes
It will be a year since I joined the group





It feels kind of fast, doesn’t it?

Last spurt of 2023!
Let’s run through it together





Good evening
It’s Murayama Miu





We can only meet once every 11 days
But compared to the first time, feels like we’ve gotten closer


What do you think
Personally, I feel that way



Felt like cutting it
So I cut it


Since we’ve gotten closer
You must’ve noticed that I cut the hair around my face, right?













I tied it up that day because my bangs grew too long










Murayama Trivia

Murayamamechishiki, sounds nice, right?
[T/N: The Japanese name of the corner, just means Trivia]
It’s the first corner





I dislike bright things

I turned on every setting that’s supposed to be good for my eyes on my phone
I don’t know what effects they have though





My room is usually dark

If you think that my photos are always dark, you’re right
I do my daily activities with indirect lighting

Since I end up taking similar-looking photos, I tried taking a photo when the lighting was good
It’s the first photo





Picky eater

I just noticed this recently when someone told me
Seems like I’m a picky eater







The first Murayama Trivia is over
Rather than this kind of thing, I should’ve written about announcements and gratitude, right

I will






I appeared on
Girls Award 2023 AUTUMN/WINTER


It’s the second time performing Seijaku no Bouryoku in front of everyone, I was nervous


I could see your uchiwas and towels clearly
I waved my hands
I made eye contact
I conveyed my gratitude with my gaze


Everyone who came to the venue
Everyone who watched the broadcast
Thank you very much






9/28 (Thu) Release
All eleven of the third gens are featured in B.L.T.-san



On that day, the sun was quite bright
We did the shoot while saying
It’s hot, it really is summer



We got ice cream as snacks during the break
The time spent on deciding which to pick
Was really fun too




It was delicious
Thank you very much







7th single meet & greet
Everyone who has applied! Thank you very much


I’m all like
Is it that time yetーー Is it that time yetーー

We’ll be able to talk in just a little while
I’m looking forward to it










From here on is a topic that is suited for
The people who are already wrapped in their blankets but won’t go to sleep yet







Didn’t Matono cut her hair recently?

On that day, at night,
She sent me a message that said
It’s thanks to Miu that I cut my hairーー


Such a lovely girl, isn’t she?




Why is it thanks to me,
Let’s talk about that again in a less crowded place Lol







By the way, on noon that day,

I drank
Jasmine milk tea
I could drink it



I thought I disliked milk tea
But turns out I can drink jasmine milk tea










Tomorrow is Yamashita’s turn for the blog relay

And also, the day of the greeting cards
I drew it cutely as I promised
Please check it out







Well then
I’ll see you somewhere!








Sakurazaka46 third generation Murayama Miu

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