Yamashita Shizuki (2023.10.01)



Good evening






I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto







The MV for Sakurazaka46’s 7th single, “Shonin Yokkyu” has been released~





Please give it a look






It’s the first MV that we shot with the seniors
And for us 3rd generation, it was also our third MV filming, so we were so nervous on the day before the filming that we couldn’t sleep



I was so nervous about my first lipsync scene
I forgot to do the lipsync on my first take… it must be something unheard of, huh?



I was able to enjoy filming in the warm atmosphere of the seniors from the time we learned the choreography


There were many times when I thought how grateful I was.


I’m thinking of talking about that time in depth
when my mobame starts…






It’s a really nice MC, so please do give it a look

Please also tell me what you think of it. ♡








This time it’s a loose curl.












And I was told that many people have applied
for my 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu”s meet & greet



Truly, thank you very much.



I really look forward to seeing those of you that I know from last time
and those who I will be meeting for the first time and getting to know  ( ˊᵕˋ )

I will be doing a lot of things that we can enjoy together, such as for Halloween and Christmas~
Please continue your support of me in the 7th single as well 🧸






Rakuten GirlsAward 2023 AUTUMN/WINTER



Thank you very much to everyone who has come to the venue and watched from streaming~

We, 3rd generation, performed Seijaku no Boryoku~ We still haven’t performed Seijaku no Boryoku that much yet

so perhaps because of that I was so nervous



During the choreography practice, we gathered more input for improvement from everyone more than usual
Things like “I want us to synchronize this part” or “I don’t think this part is aligned”. I think we were able to perform a more improved Seijaku no Boryoku because we were all able to face each other and improve…

I hope that we can make it a song that makes you think “They are always improving so I never see the same performance twice. I want to see this performance again and again”.

It’s a little wish of mine.





And thank you very much for the 3 million views on Seijaku no Boryoku’s MV 🌸



I feel so happy~



I hope that it can be a support for someone else out there














Is it ok if I write about Shinsekai another time…?





If I write it now, it feels like it’s going to be a long one







I signed my name, so please give it a look~
Has anyone seen my picture in the photo corner at the end? That picture is shown for the first time, so please be sure to give it a look ︎︎☺︎

I’ll post it one day so you can save it







The new artist pictures has been released too~

The uniform sure is cute, isn’t it~
Please check it out




And so around here, I bring today’s blog to an end. Thank you very much for reading my blog until the end






Tomorrow is Rika’s~
I was sitting next to Rika during Girls Award waiting time, and I think Rika likes me a lot 😌
She sure is cute, right? ( ˊᵕˋ )









Bye by~e















This is Shinsekai’s black long-sleeved shirt




Also, I cut my hair a little, making it medium length.
What do you think?



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