Ski Area (2022.02.18)


Good evening.


I started something called #Vhonotalk in the Sakurazaka46 Message application. 🕯𓈒 𓏸


I will tell you about it, does everyone know what “VLOG” is?


It’s the abbreviation of “V”IDEO B”LOG” (Video Blog).


I really love and enjoy watching videos where the content filmed is made to look like a diary. 😌


If I could also do something like that, and share the things I like, I thought that it could become an opportunity for everyone to get to know many things about me…


Actually, since quite some time ago, I’ve been thinking for a long time if I could do something more intimate, but this is often something very difficult to do.  (´·_·`)💭




And therefore, I came up with #Vhonotalk for this reason.


This is the abbreviation of “V”IDEO “honotalk”, just like that. 😙


This is not something I’ll be doing the whole day; I’m thinking of sending videos occasionally about trivial things that are not the daily things that I normally send in the message application. 🤲♡


It would be nice if I could share about the things I like, private stuff, and time I spend with the members…!


I already sent one a few days ago, it would make me very happy if you were able to enjoy it at least a little bit, and also if it became a healing time for you… ( ⸝⸝⸝•_•⸝⸝⸝ )


The very leisurely and simple Vhonotalk that can range from several seconds to several minutes.


Although I’m not experienced in filming nor post-recording, I was able to record it in almost one shot in a relaxed manner.  🏃 (Ehh..)


Perhaps I won’t be able to send a lot but, I will send casually on a whim, so If you’d like, please take a look.


By the way, today I will send one later at 21:00.


I will send a video that was taken on a certain day before work, so please wait for it. 😽🕰

Ski Area (2022.02.18)

Some members will also make an appearance on it, so please look forward to it. (´-`).。oO



A few days ago, we had the Valentine’s project in Sokosaku.


Were you able to watch it? 😳🍫

How was the story with Yumio in the ski area that I was able to come up with? ⛷ (LOL)


I’ve never done winter sports before and I’ve been longing for to wear ski clothing, so it made me very happy to be able to wear it. ☃♡


And above all, Yumio, thank you so much!! 🥺

You were wonderful. It made me feel very reassured. ♡

Rinao… 😵‍💫


Akiho-chan told me that the story I came up with was the one she liked the most, that made me very happy. 😳💖

Woo-hoo~ I did it~!


Akiho-chan’s story was unexpected, interesting and awesome! (LOL)




It’s been decided that the release of the 4th single “Samidare yo” will be on April 6th.


The fact that we can release a single like this again makes me very happy.


Thank you very much.


A teaser video, and a new group official picture have been released.

We are also nervous and excited about it.


And finally, on February 21st in the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “RECOMEN!” radio program, the title song from the single “Samidare yo” will be broadcasted. 📻🌸


By all means, let’s listen to it together in real time.


And if it’s okay with you, please share your impressions too, I will be waiting.

Looking forward to hearing from you. ☺️


In addition, I think that from now on, more information will be revealed once after another, so please look forward to it.


Well then, I will write again.

See you!


Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono.



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