Smile 🌝(2023.04.20)







Lately, when I soak in the bathtub
I’ve been into
Hot spring series bath salts ♨️

Gunma is famous for its hot springs
Having grown up in such a place like Gunma
I have come to completely love hot springs〜




It’s been 10 days〜

Is there anyone who has been waiting〜?
I’d be happy if there is




It’s been a while

It’s Ishimori Rika 🧸




Work, school, part-time jobs, etc…
Thank you for your hard work for the past 10 days!

You did your best〜!

Please keep warm and sleep well today!
(  ˙ ˙)ノ ˙˙  )pat pat









Where to start blogging…


I have a lot to write about today
So this blog might be a little bit long…


( ; – ; )sorry





First of all!
Sakurazaka46’s “3rd TOUR 2023” has started!

We, the 3rd generation, are also participating.
Truly, thank you very much.


About the tour
I’ll write more about the tour when all the dates are over 🫡



Just a picture!

My hair darkened ♩

Which do you like better〜?








All the meet and greets for the 5th single “Sakurazuki” have been completed!


It went by so fast〜〜


It was really! really! fun(ToT)♡



The power of being able to talk face to face
with everyone,
It’s so amazing




The application for the meet and greet was
still around the same time as soon as we were unveiled,
while there wasn’t much info either
To all of you who wanted to talk to me
Thank you so much!



There were people who came for the all the days…
I’m so glad!



Once a day
I smile when I think of meet and greet! lol
The looks on everyone’s faces
The things we talked about… It’s true!


I look forward to the day when we talk again
I’ll do my best〜〜〜



We also had our first “autograph session”!
To everyone who came
Thank you very much!


I was working my way around the allocation of time etc., so
I only showed my head
and my handwriting was messy
I have many things to reflect on

This was my chance to express the love I receive from everyone all the time through my handwriting!
I was so happy ( ;  ; )‬



There are some people who said…
“I want to talk to Rika-chan so
I’m going to work hard at my part-time job, so please support me!”

I’m so glad you feel that way〜〜!

But health comes first!
Don’t overdo it(  ; ᴗ ;  )






I received fan letters 💌



Why do letters make me so happy〜?
Every time I read your letters, tears flow down
(I’m a very sensitive person)




I received lots of love♩

I am happy to read your letter that shows your colors
There is no need to be formal, so please write your letter as if you were talking to a friend〜!




Complaints about work, school or relationship problems,
Something happy that happened recently,
something you want to brag about to someone…

Questions and consultation too! Keep them coming! I’ll be waiting!
I will answer them on my blog〜!
(I’ll do a sudden question and answer corner today ☺︎)


I have always liked listening to others,
I feel calm when I am with a talkative person
When I’m with someone I get along with very well
I am basically a listener
(But I also like to talk〜)
I would like to hear a lot of your stories ☺︎




I can’t really consult with people deeply,
I’m the type of person who has a lot of meetings in my head all the time


But recently
I have realized how powerful it is to speak up,
If there is anyone out there who, like me, is unable to talk to others
Please write to me
I can answer your questions on my blog,
you can just write them down and maybe things will be sorted out ☺︎




I want to use the message app right away…💭







Question and answer corner!

I’ll answer a lot of questions 〜




Q Do you have any recommendations for sightseeing spots or specialties in Gunma?

I’d have to say the hot springs〜!♨️
There are many hot springs in Gunma, and I like both popular and lesser known ones!
Also, its pasta is famous, and there are pasta restaurants everywhere!
I love soup pasta〜




Q Do you have a driver’s license?

I have one〜!
But I haven’t driven for a while…

Am I a good driver or a bad driver〜?☺︎




Q Favorite Sakurazaka46 song?

Seifuku no Ningyo
Guuzen no Kotae
Blue Moon Kiss
Naze Koi ga Shite Konakattandarou
Jamaica Beer

…but in the end, I like them all!




Q Favorite Keyakizaka46 song?

Te wo Tsunaide Kaerouka
Kuroi Hitsuji
Aozora ga Chigau
Yuuhi 1/3
Kado wo Magaru

…but in the end, I like them all!




Q I would like to know what makeup tools you use!

→Clio Pro Eye Palette #013

→Kiss Lip Armor 03
→Jill Stuart Lip Balm Roses

→Biore Water Layer Pack UV


I use them when I do my own makeup on my days off!
Since I joined Sakurazaka
I’ve been having my makeup done by a makeup artist 🧸

But I’ve been doing my own makeup for a long time,
I’ll introduce them in more detail on my blog someday〜!




Q Favorite clothing brand?


merry jenny

I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to clothes!
I have very few clothes and look for clothes that can be worn in different ways ☺︎
Once I buy something, I treasure it!




Q I want to hear episodes about the 3rd generation!

Reina-chan (Odakura Reina),
As everyone may have noticed, exudes a princess-like personality
In front of the camera she refers to everyone as “Ishimori-san,” “Rika-san,” and so on
She often uses first name + “san” or last name + “san” lol

Reina and I talk a lot,
On the way home, no matter how tired we are, we chat in the car together forever🧸


Nagi-chan (Kojima Nagisa) and
Ito-chan (Mukai Itoha),
You can often hear their voices in the dressing room.
It makes me happy to see them talking a lot! lol
I have told Nagi-chan directly, “I think I produce happy hormones when I hear your voice!”



That’s all for today〜!
Thank you for asking so many questions( ˃ ˂ )


📷 during rehearsals

I wear a half updo for lessons and rehearsals a lot〜
How is it〜〜?






It ended up so long ( ˃ ˂ )
Thank you for reading



For those of you who have read this far,
I’m going to cast a magic spell for you to get a seat on the train when you are thinking “Ah〜 I want to sit down〜”





A while ago,
Riko-chan gave me an orange called “Setoka”
And while I was eating them and saying “It’s so delicious!”
Without saying anything, she put another Setoka in my bag, thank you〜🍊
Sometimes she does manly things for me

Tomorrow, it’s that Riko-chan’s turn!


Well then
See you in 10 days〜


As long as you like me
As long as you support me
I will always love you☺︎


That was Rika!

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