Sorry I’m late to say this. This is Odakura Reina. (2023.04.11)

Happy Tuesday😊



I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.



A new school year・new daily life
has finally begun!

When people are challenging something, they tend to hesitate taking the first step.

All of you working hard right now, you’re all truly great.

Take care of yourselves and go at your own pace~!


By the way…
I forgot to introduce myself with my name in my last blog!

If you didn’t know whose blog it was and read it anyway, thank you so, so much.

I’ve already beaten myself up over being such a scatterbrain
so please forgive me……


I can remember being like this ever since I was little.
I’m the type that would forget their summer vacation homework existed until the very last day and cry while doing it.

Have you all experienced this as well?



It’s gotten warm lately, so I’ve been going for walks.

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve enjoyed wandering around without a destination in mind. There are even times that I’ve crossed the street at a crosswalk and became lost when I reached the other side.
I have 0 foresight.


My recommendation is Tokyo Tower at night.

I love the dissonance between the warm colors it gives off when looking at it from afar and the cold appearance of its steel frame when looking up at it from close by.


You can’t look out over all of Tokyo from the lower part of the tower, but you can see the faces of people walking the streets

From the upper part you can’t quite make out the faces of people walking the streets, but you can look out over all of Tokyo

Which is obvious, but somehow I’m attracted to how those two aspects don’t overlap with each other.


I don’t have the vocabulary to put this into writing but… how can I put it… Tokyo Tower is almost like something I yearn for.

That’s tough to understand, huh…
Emotions come in a far greater variety than words, so I’m eternally questioning how one can convey raw emotion.

That’s the kind of thing I think about while I’m taking a walk.



Well then, first of all…

○About the 3rd gens
The 3rd generation members I’ll be introducing to you today are Rika (Ishimori Rika) and Airi (Taniguchi Airi).

Rika has a cowlick on her bangs.
It makes her bangs fluff up and apparently they won’t droop down no matter how much she sweats. They’re bangs meant for live performance. No matter when you look at them, they always look pretty and super cute. 
She has a gentle image, but she actually has a strong will and her own beliefs, so she’s someone I really respect. She’s an older sister you can rely on.


All of Airi’s mannerisms are lovely.
When someone finishes speaking, Airi will begin talking with “Airi wa ne~” and the way she pronounces it is so cute it’ll make your heart flutter. This is the part of Airi I recommend taking note of. Please be on the look out for it.
While Airi is the smallest of the 3rd gens, she has a very large presence, and I find that gap to be appealing.



Until very recently, the yoshi impression was popular among the 3rd gens.

peron~ peron~

Airi and Yuzu are pro yoshis.



・Natsu no Chikamichi
Natsu no Chikamichi’s MV has passed 2 million views🌸
Thank you so much everyone. I’m very, very happy about it!

I’d like to talk about Natsu no Chikamichi in my next blog.



Super close up



○About our seniors

Masumoto-san is really kind.

Whenever I’m feeling depressed, she comes over, sits in my lap, gives me a hug, and chats with me for a looong time so that nobody will notice.  She always picks up on it.

I hope I can become someone like Masumoto-san.


Of course, there are examples of each of our seniors being kind, too many to write about here, but each time my love and respect for them grows.


My feelings of love for my Sakurazaka seniors are strongly tied to my feelings of respect for them.

Entrancing people with their dancing and expression, my seniors are extremely important people to me, having taught me about a world I didn’t know existed.


The tour is starting tomorrow.

This will be the first time we the 3rd gens will be on stage together with our seniors.

During dance practice, I was able to see our seniors performing super close up, and I was immediately overcome with so much emotion that my vision became blurred with tears.
Every time I see them practice, it strengthens my respect and admiration for them.


For my first tour, I’d like to absorb as much as I can and improve myself so that I can become even a little closer with my seniors.


Have fun everyone~!!


I took a photo with the cute cream puff that Onuma-san gave us during meet & greet!


That’s all for today.


I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!


Tomorrow will be Nagi.
I wonder what Nagi will write about in her blog for the first day of the tour~ I’m looking forward to it.

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