Space (2022.05.30)

Good evening 🌙






Risa-san’s graduation concert was held on the other day!
Thank you very much to everyone who has come, and everyone who has watched online ✨




It’s been a week since the concert, and not having Risa-san around at work is really making me miss her, like, “Oh, she really graduated”, it was the first time I got an actual sense of it since it was over.



Of course, I feel lonely all the same during practice and during the actual concert days,
but more than that, the days were filled with love, it was just simply fun.☺︎

I am sincerely grateful to Risa-san who has made me feel that way!
She made me smile until the very last moment.





Truly, thank you very, very much for everything
Risa-san is always surrounded by happiness, the sounds of laughter, and affection.
I will always keep it in my heart what you have helped me with, and the words you have given me,
and would like to use them as a source of encouragement to do my best every day.


I talked about it during MC session too, but I’m truly happy to be Risa-san’s junior!



Once again, Risa-san, congratulations on your graduation🌸





I have burned it to my memory even during rehearsal, so I have no regret! ✨





Risa-san riding on the swing 💙🤍












Matsuda-san! lol



Manager-san took it for us 👧🏻








We went to the audience seats~ ☺︎










Thank you very much for the wonderful memories, truly💐


May Risa-san’s life be filled with much happiness in the future.










Well then!
Good night~~🦔


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