Strongly (28.06.2021)



The other day, I talked about
the photobook on
SHOWROOM broadcast.

30 minutes was really a short time but
to all those who came,
Thank you very much ☺️


Ozeki-san, Yumi-chan, Ten-chan
watched and they contacted me,
I was really happy,, ㅠㅠ


They are really kind,, fuu🥲



Yuuka-san, Risa-san, Hikari-chan
gave their impressions about the first cut (first released photos)
I am happy~~~🙊❤︎



I will do a SHOWROOM broadcast again!




And and,
I hope you already followed
the photobook’s official twitter @honosu1st!


There are various posts everyday but,
are you enjoying them? 🤔


I am also doing a video called #Tamuraji,
in which I answer questions and concerns in a radio style format.
Please feel free to send in your questions 🕺


I’ll be waiting!


There’s a project in Sakurazaka message app
that’s linked to Twitter but,
I will do it on my blog as well.







Recently, during rehearsals,
I’ve been getting a lot of help from my seniors and genmates.
I feel their kindness everyday.



I’ll do my best. !


See ya!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono



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