The feeling I like. Body moves on its own… (2021.06.28)

The feeling I like
It’s the immersing feeling put into performance

that make my body move on its own accord
I like that feeling and enjoying it
want to finally reach that feeling soon
Everyday that I face the mirror
I like LIVE

I like all the Fans

I like Members

I like Songs

I like the time spent for researching facial expression

I like the feeling during doing performance
“Like” even though there is no reason for it
“Because I like” is the greatest reason that move myself

Thank you for 3 days of BACKS LIVE!!✨

Also thank you to everyone who watches through live viewing!!!
Seeing all those Towel, Uchiwa or prepared stuffs of Ozono Rei in the 3 days gave me confident (Bow)


The sparkling atmosphere made by all the fan

is yet another “Like” that will burn into my memory


This like will also

become another reason that move me from now on

I’ll be happy if it remains in your memory for the new Naze Koi

For the string, if the binding sequence or position including release timing are not accurate, it will end up entwined…

These 3 days made me understand

getting so many verification until my anxiety disappeared, all staffs who untie those entwined string, and a lot feeling of gratitude toward members

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you for MC✨

Looking back at BACKS LIVE!!

about my self expression

I received many words that I want to carefully keep it

I will treasure it
🤍June 30th (Wed) 17:40〜

TV Tokyo Music Festival

🤍July 3rd (Sat) 15:00〜

We will do a performance, please certainly watch us✨

🤍October 7th (Sat)
It’s decided that we will be perform in ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2021✨

Let’s make the summer hot with our passion

And then, it’s decided that the 3rd day of “W-KEYAKI FES. 2021”

on July 11th (Sun) is broadcasted online

🤍July 3rd (Sat) 〜is decided to be online ticket selling date!!!

BACKS LIVE!! makes me get stronger

Sakurazaka46 also get stronger
Ozono Rei

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