Summer (2021.07.29)

Yaahoo~ How are you doing? 🐋




It’s late but,

Did you feel the beginning of summer!

I never thought that I would be able to perform a Live with my beloved Hinatazaka46-san, so I was very happy.

I had the chance to see Hinatazaka46-san’s stage, and I truly learned a lot from the conversations I had with them. I wrote a lot of memos at the end of the day✨

It was such a rare opportunity, such a dream come true!




I got to see Hinano as well, and we took a picture together with everyone
When we sang “W-KEYAKIZAKA no Uta” and saw the view of the green penlights that I thought I’d never see again, I burned the view in my eyes and engraved it in my heart.

It was like being told “Don’t forget your beginnings”, it was as if I had been told about my feelings from that time 😌
Now, I am very glad that I was reminded of these feelings.







Hinatazaka46-san’s Ushio-san and Takase-san, although at different times, they said something to me that made me happy about 1-2 years ago, and that kindness has stayed in my heart and memory ever since.

I always thought that “If I have the chance to see you again one day, I want to express my feelings.” so I was really happy to be able to talk to them this time.
Thank you very much (*´-`)





Kageyama-san who I always said is my oshimen since my showroom auditions, talked to me, and I was so happy ( ; ; )
Thank you so much for talking to me ☺️✨





And Paru-chan spoke to me..
Thank you, I was so happy 😭
(Cuteeee 🥺) is what my heart is saying but its showing on my face lol





Oh, and we got to meet Poka as well!
I love Poka’s blogs that I read it so much every time, so I was really happy to meet the real thing 🌼





And finally, Miichan. Pomu-nee 🐶




Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all that came to the venue, and to those who watched the online stream.

Nothing makes me happier than spending my time with everyone!!
That is something that will never change 🌻
Thank you always.





On a different note,
A few days ago, AEON CARD’s third web project
“NabeTalk” was released 🍷

It was really fun!
Risa-sama and Dojima-san pair was really the best, wasn’t it?
By all means, please watch it~!



Risa-san is so cute ☺️






I receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from AEON CARD-sama 🌻✨
It’s really pretty, I put it on display as soon as I got home!
Thank you very much 😭💐





It’s been awhile since I posted a blog, so I wrote about various things.. I’m sorry (;_;)

The tour has been decided, and the fact that the day I get to see everyone again is near, it’s a blessing that I can’t take for granted, I feel really really happy and truly grateful for it.
I hope it can be held safely.

Everyone all over the country, wait for us!
Let’s have fun together!




I hope each and every one of you is having a great summer, and please take care of yourselves 🍉
Enjoy the moment and make it an unforgettable summer! 🎐


Well then! Goodbye from a high spirited Yui-chan taken by Yumi-chan the other day~


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