W-KEYAKI FES 2021 (2021.07.29)

It was a while ago, but thank you very much for W-KEYAKI FES 2021!


This time I appeared riding an open car!




It was an experience you don’t really get!



I also like the opening costume ♪



On the second day, I was able to watch Hinatazaka46-san’s LIVE.
Everyone in Hinatazaka46-san have great volume of voice so the LIVE was also very exciting, and I was impressed with how Hinatazaka46-san doesn’t show a pained expression to Ohisama despite performing a hard setlist under the blaze of the sun.
I greatly enjoyed it!



Poka was cute too ☀️




And the third day was a joint live!


Nibu-chan, whose position is often close to me!
She kindly reach out to me, who is a shy person, and quickly eased me down.
No one can beat this smile… Cute 😊


We both like photography, so I’ve been looking at the pictures in Miku-san’s blog for a long while, I always thought that they are wonderful so I was happy to be able to speak with her!
Sugai-san mentioned this in MC too, but Miku-san in “Seishun no Uma” truly looked like a white horse ✨
I hope she could teach me a lot of things about photography in the future^ ^


Mikuni-chan who I spoke a lot with in this live 🌈
She was so easy to speak with~ I hope we could speak again ♪
It seems that she recently cut her hair… It really suits her, she was so cute 💕



Nano-san^ ^
It’s been a while since we met, and we catch up on things, I was really glad that she seems to be doing fine 😌


Loving Hinano together with the other 2nd generation members~









Happy birthday~!



She made shaved ice for me~🥰


So cute…


Oh, this are the pictures I took from music show sometime ago




We will do our best in rehearsal so that we can show a more improved and powerful Sakurazaka46 in the upcoming tour!

Please look forward for it!


Well then!

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