Sun🐣 (2020.10.20)

Harada Aoi blog 2020/10/20 23:33

Good evening

It is Harada Aoi of Sakurazaka46 🦖🌸

(still not used to seeing it, or saying it〜 lol)

To everyone who watched Keyakizaka46 THE LAST LIVE,
thank you so much!!

I am very happy that we could tie up the loose ends of Keyakizaka46 enjoyably, without regret, to the end.

We could not have a Live concert with meeting all of you fans directly,
but I am very glad we could spend the last time together.

Shiichan congratulations on your graduation🌸🎓

And then,

Thank you to everyone who watched SONGS!!

I am very happy we could bring the TV performances of Keyakizaka46 to an end on such a wonderful program. I was very very happy for the set overflowing with love for Keyakizaka the moment we entered the studio.😢

Thanks to being watched over and supported by many people we were able to have a wonderful 5 years of activities as Keyakizaka46.

To everyone who were involved with Keyakizaka46,
to all of you fans who were always on my side,
truly thank you very much.

With the things cultivated in Keyakizaka46 and the feelings of gratitude in my heart,
so that in Sakurazaka46 everyone can enjoy with a further new fascination,
so that I can again can see wonderful scenery with everyone,
I will do my best!

In Sakurazaka46 I will in a myself-like way,
do my best without pretending
so I will continue to be in your care!

On December 9th Sakurazaka46’s 1st single
『Nobody’s fault』will be released for sale.

Please look forward to it〜🌸

Finally being able to talk with all of you~
I’m looking forward to iiit~☺️ ufufu

See you later~

Harada Aoi

Harada Aoi blog 2020/10/20 23:33

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