Thank you 🍀 (2022.08.22)

Good evening



Truly, thank you very much
to those of you who have come to “W-KEYAKI FES. 2022”,
and to those of you who have watched through online streaming!


Two days passed by so quickly since the start of the event,
it was very fun ✨


The concert was previously canceled,
but thanks to the help of many people, it was only postponed, and I was very happy and grateful to be able to hold it safely despite the circumstances.



I felt that it was something miraculous to be able to graduate
the day before the 7th anniversary of the formation of the group.
And truly, thank you very much to all of you who have been supporting us in the past 7 years.
Congratulations to all the members ♡






I was very delighted to be able to wear such a beautiful dress at the end 🩰🎀
It made me so happy to hear everyone said to me how cute it was~













The past 7 years where I was able to join this group,
and the people, places, and feelings so wonderful that I don’t want to let go of them; those are all cherished treasures of mine.



Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me
I was able to spend a very rich and stimulating time.
Truly, thank you very much
to all the parties that I have worked together with.



From now on, I will be cheering for everyone
from in front of the TV~!



I’d like to continue to give my best as I move forward
without forgetting to be grateful for what lies in front of me.



May your days be filled with smiles and happiness ✨



Harada Aoi



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