The 10 days I spent (2023.04.18)

I’m Murayama Miu who doesn’t know what to put as the title of this blog







I’ve written a diary entry almost everyday since I was in my first year of high school
There were days where I wrote a lot but there were also days where I only wrote “I want to drink water”


I will show you a bit of my diary from the past 10 days
Rather than diary entries, these are more like my monologues, I guess








April 7th around 18:00

After the rehearsal for the tour, I went to a place that has good onigiri and miso soup with Airi
I had miso soup with a whole tomato in it
Airi had pork miso soup

On the way home, we stopped by a bakery




April 8th around 12:00

I came to a Japanese sweets shop with Airi

Our tastes in food match, so we often go out for a meal together
After eating, we walked for 10 kilometers




April 9th around 8:00

Drinking warm strawberry tea lifted my mood up
The whole room smells like strawberries

I’m going to the rehearsal




April 10th around 11:00

I’m currently into chocolate shakes, so I bought some

Was it called chocolate shake?
I’m currently into chocolate drinks with crunchy ice in it

Smiley smile


Around 17:00

Recently, my laundry has piled up and my room is starting to get messy
So I did the laundry and cleaned my room

Good job, myself




April 11th around 11:00

Seems like Yu overslept and she got in the car looking like she just woke up
Yu is known for always looking sharp but seeing her hair unusually messy like that was cute


Around 21:00


Rice x egg x plum sauce x soy sauce x sesame oil = Airi’s and my favorite flavor

I was moved by the rice with raw egg I ate during the rehearsal’s break time




April 12th around 21:00


It’s a happy day where I got to meet everyone
And, it’s Airi’s 18th birthday

So we ate some cake
Everyone ate it while saying it’s so good, it’s so good
Eating cake at a time like this made me feel guilty
but I was also really really happy because it was so tasty




April 13th around around 9:00

I’ll do my best for the rehearsal today too while holding a cocoa drink in one hand
The waiting room has been lively since the morning
I’m having fun listening to the conversations around me while having an earphone in only one ear

By the way, Matono was beside me




April 14th around 20:00

I walked and walked around
Looking at clothes and stuffs

I got a drawstring bag embroidered with roses 


April 15th around 14:00

I was fiddling around with my polaroid camera, which I thought was broken,  and now it’s fixed
Who should I take a polaroid with~ I’m looking forward to it


Around 20:00

Since it was my first signing event, I couldn’t get used to talking while writing, so I’m not 100% sure if you had fun, sorry
But I was happy seeing everyone’s smiles after a long time (I wrote a lot~ please wait for it)




April 16th around 10:00

I ate breakfast at a coffee shop near my place
I relaxed by myself
Today is the last day for Meet & Greet~




April 17th around 20:00

I got the stuffed gray rabbit that I’ve always wanted as a “good job” gift
I decided on the name straightaway too






My monologues which I called diary entries, how were they?


I’ll be waiting for your thoughts and questions









I read all of your letters


I read them over and over at night at home
It made me happy so I can’t help but grin
They’re spread out on the desk in the middle of my room



Thank you for the letters
I’ll be waiting for more of your messages anytime












And currently, the third gens are participating on our first tour



To be honest, my head was filled with nothing but anxiety and thoughts such as “What if everyone turned off their penlights when the third gens appeared?”, “What should we do if we ruin the seniors’ performance?”

But we were saved by the seniors who repeatedly told us “Thank you for joining Sakurazaka” when we had uneasy expressions on our faces, and we were given courage by the Buddies who smiled and waved their third generations members’ penlights and towels from the audience seats


We won’t be relieved after the Tokyo show, but we’ll work even harder to show everyone a leveled up performance, so please continue watching over us




Aichi, Fukuoka, Kanagawa, Osaka, wait for us













Tomorrow is Shizuki’s turn
Look forward to it

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