The 1st Tour that is filled with memories 🌸 (2021.11.08)




I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka 🍀


It’s late, but,


Our first tour as Sakurazaka46
has safely ended 🌸


To all of you who have visited us at the venue,
To all of you who have participated with the stream,

Truly, thank you very much
for your continous support toward us!

And thank you very much
for always showing us a dream-like, wonderful scenery ✨

I was so happy to spend time with you during performance
I wished that this time
could continue forever!

I’d be happy if you felt the same way ☺️



When I look back on this tour

The faces of Buddies nationwide
Things that happened with members
What I thought about

Memories filled my mind one after another

Cherishing each one of them, as not to forget,

I want to pack them all

into a drawer named “1st tour”.





But I’ll show some~

A member of Habu no Onna〜〜✨

We were next to each other when appearing for Dead end
she always smiled at me before the start
and eased my tension☺︎



Rika-san 💙

The other day she said, “I always thought that you looked like Aoko~”
hearing it made me so happy ♡


Ganbariki with Yuuka-san 🐴

I like Yuuka-san and Ten-chan’s dance track so much
I told the two of them plenty of “so cool! so cool!” ✨


I matched with Minami-san’s Sonini hairstyle ✨

Minami-san is perfect woman for the name Sonia that sounds gentle and kind 👩🏼


I like the side of Akane-san that likes to make a sudden surprise and mischievous ♡ That’s similar to Kirazou!



During the performance, I argued with Kirazou
by saying “the heck?” to each other

Recently it changed into
“Hmph” “Hmph” 🤖🤡


Rei-chan showing a double peace at the back ♡


Fuyuka-san is always precise with her dancing
she teach me so much, I can’t thank her enough ✨


Getting injected with Ozeki-san’s soothing power ♡


All the costumes were cute 〜〜♪



Manager-san took these pictures

Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai
My eyes met with Buddies’s

A picture of smiley face☺︎


My relationships with the members grew deeper
It was truly a happy tour 🍀




And then,
has been decided✨

I am truly happy
to be able to spend Sakurazaka46’s 1st years old birthday
in Budokan with Buddies!

By all means, please do come~ 🌸



Thank you very much for reading until the end!


In this cold season(s) too,
let’s warm up with Sakurazaka

You were caught in a 30cm swamp

Akipo 🐟

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