The Day when Day and Night are of the Same Length (2023.03.21)

It has been 11 days! KonNagi~ 👐🏻

Today, Kojima Nagisa is in charge


Maybe I will start to use OhaNagi~ as well!? Thank you Reina ✌🏻


Kojima Nagisa is in charge today, continuing from the princess (Odakura Reina) who I  just hung out with the other day!

(by the way, we went out with our official baby (Endo Riko) and bunny (Murai Yuu) 👶🏻🐰)


📸 A pic from that day!

I will post the picture with the others next time (´;ω;`)





Today also, I have a lot of things to talk about 🎶
It’s quite long so I’m glad if you can read up until the end when you have time ☺︎









🌷Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? 🌷
Did you watch “Soko Magattara Sakurazaka” last week!?


It was the episode of “Their exciting first appearance! Welcome, Sakurazaka 3rd gen members!” ☺︎


I’m glad if it made everyone like the 3rd gens, maybe even more?, or even for just a bit?


The first time I entered the studio, I was like “This is what I usually see on TV!!!!!!”

Tsuchida-san and Sawabe-san were really funny, it felt like I was seeing the extended version of Sokosaku compared to what I usually see at home. I really want you to see every part of it!


Matsuda Rina-san introduced me. Thank you very much.
She always creates a good atmosphere, she’s kind, and funny. Just being with her will make you smile. She’s such a wonderful person.

I actually wanted to talk more with Matsuda-san!! I was so nervous that I kind of hesitated, but Matsuda-san kept on reaching out to me that it eased my nerves.

I wanted to take a picture with her, but…
For whatever reason I left my phone at home that day…

I’m so stupid 😭😭😭😭😭



Everyone else was asking the seniors who introduced them to take a two-shot, and there I was standing alone, not knowing what to do lol


However at that time, Inoue Rina-san and Morita Hikaru-san reached out to me 😭

They were like, “Awww, cmon, you don’t have your smartphone with you~!!” 😭


Let me make up for it some other time 🔥🙇🏻‍♀️





This is about my catchphrase that Itoha (Mukai Itoha) thought about!!
“Mochi-mochi jagaimo koinu (squishy potato puppy) 🐶”

Nobody knows why it has become this way.


Yuuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) says, “Nagi has always been a squishy potato puppy ever since she was born”


I’ll use it again whenever there is another chance to do so! lol
Thank you Itoha 😊



📸 From Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?







🌷Continuing my self-introduction 🌷
My hobby is watching idols in awe and watching YouTube.

I have talked about this several times,
but I’ve been into idols ever since I was in kindergarten ❤︎
I have seen many kinds of idols for real,
so for those of you who like idols, by all means let’s talk about it ☺︎


I also like watching YouTube.
Due to the influence from my family, I have loved playing and watching people playing games ever since I was little!

I often watch Ichinose Uruha-san, Shinomiya Runa-san, Tachibana Hinano-san, Tosaki Mimi-san, Amamiya Kokoro-san, ars almal-san, Sasaki Saku-san, Shiina Yuika-san, Lize Helesta-san… and others. There’s no end to it!!


I like the streams from ars almal-san, Yoru Yoichi-san, k4sen-san, also I like the hardcore Minecraft stream by VSpo!-san!



I just like all of them!!!!!!!

It gives me comfort to watch cute girls playing games.

By the way…
The word KonNagi~ 👐🏻comes from these !
“Konnichiwa” + “Nagisa”



Also I really-really-really like TeriyakiChannel-san. I do watch their new videos, but also rewatch the old ones 👀


The food on their videos are 100% delicious and the conversation is comforting, they fill up both my tummy and heart ♡



I also like comedy!
When I was in the senior year of kindergarten, my routine was to watch a recording of THE MANZAI every morning before going to kindergarten. (mom told me so)

Thinking about it know, I can only ask “Why!?” lol
Even now I still remember the routine by Chidori-san, Elshalakarni-san, Tendara-san, PunkBubu-san, and Ojin Osborn-san 👀

Those were from about 10 years ago, so I remember those jussssstt to a certain point lol


The comedy duo I like is Summers-san!
I used to watch the TV show “Moya-moya Summers” a lot, because my father likes to watch it!



I like YouTube and variety shows as well. I guess I’m quite a TV kid 👍🏻

I also like music. I watch a lot of music shows 👀


That will be all for my self-introduction this time!







Mio’s “Good” pose 👍🏻 is cute, isn’t it? ♥

Actually Mio (Matono Mio) and I filled in the exact same answers for our strengths and weaknesses during in the enquiry for Omotenashikai.


We both didn’t know what each other wrote before they were published, so the moment we realized they are the same, we both burst out in laugher lololol


It looks like we’re in sync 👍🏻


By the way I was writing it together with Yuuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki)




🌷About B.L.T. Magazine 🌷
All the 3rd-gens members were featured on the cover for the first time! Thank you for those who already have it with you!


It was a bit cold during the day of the photo session, but the excitement that all of us could do it together beat it!


A bit of a behind-the-scenes story 🤏🏻

When we had the photo session in the gymnasium, the manager played “Natsu no Chikamichi” and “BAN”, and then everyone started to get loud and began dancing all around! lol


We did a short range sprint shorter than 50 meter along with the yell from Itoha (Mukai Itohai); Both of Miu’s (Murayama Miu) shoes came off by themselves; We circled around and kept on jumping around…

It was one day full of laughter by doing things that are good for nothing 🤣


Also, we were playing basketball while waiting!

I guess people know that Rika (Ishimori Rika) and Yuu (Murai Yuu) are good at basketball, but actually Riko (Endo Riko) is also good at it ☺︎


It was fun watching the three of them making good shots and dribbling around, just like having a lesson for basketball!


Female basketball players are cool, aren’t they!!
The three of them were so cool, I couldn’t imagine they were the same people who are usually looking cute and adorable ✨


Among us, me and Reina (Odakura Reina) kept on failing to score any baskets ⛹️‍♀️


We held the photo session in such a good atmosphere, that I believe you can see a lot of our expressions that came naturally.

We also talked about behind-the-scene stuffs regarding the documentary, which show everyone’s personality to the fullest. For those who haven’t watched those, it would be great if you can take
the time for it




🌷About Fan Letters 🌷
Ever since I received the fan letters back the other day, it’s made me want to write letters to you Buddies as well.

There were ones from people who came to the Meet & Greet, and there they wrote stuff that they didn’t manage to convey back then. Each one of them is wonderful and full with love. I’m so moved.

I’ll give my very best in order to return those feelings some other time through the Meet & Greet and my daily activities!




Thank you for reading up until here!

Tomorrow is Airi (Taniguchi Airi)!!
Back the other day, I had a walk together with Airi ☺︎
Airi is not good at tidying up things.
Sometimes Airi looks like a baby in her sleep, but sometimes her eyes are half-open for real.
I love both, she’s really cute.

Please look forward for tomorrow as well!!


📸 From March 18th Meet & Greet


On March 18th and 19th, we had Meet & Greet after a long while!!


People told me their impressions about Omotenashikai and the B.L.T. magazine. I’m also glad to meet a lot of new people!
It makes me happy to see people bringing the fans, towels, penlights, acrylic stand, or the photocards (*ˊ꒳ˋ*)‪‪❤︎



It’s hard to have conversation in such a short period.
I wanted to be able to talk more
There were many occasions where I was like “oh nooooo~, the time!”, and I regretted those.

I wish I could do better in conversation 😭
Let’s talk more from now on 🙌🏻

During Meet & Greet, there were many people who asked about the origin of my name.
Perhaps they were curious about it due to the kanji characters
I think that was the reason…!!

Also, there were many people who did the “KonNagi~”!
Thank you 🎶 Please continue using it lovingly from now on 💕


On that day, there were many seniors who talked to me 😭
There were a lot of nice fragrances in the air,
I couldn’t make any sense of it, I think I was about to die.
Also, the trio of Matsuda-san, Ten-sama, and Morita-san had the funniest conversation ever. I was watching them closely.
They were so cute and precious that I just have to tell you all about it ☺️


Also, did you watch the fixed-cam footage??
The 3rd gens are always noisy like that ☺️
I hope I can show up more in it too from now on 👀

And also…
I will wear the same clothes as Miu (Murayama Miu) again!! She was apologizing a lot, and was about to kneel on the ground… Really, I was not angry at all~!! lololol

She gets excited when eating sweet potato. She gave me lipstick as a present on no occasion. She’s such a cute girl, you’ll be surprised to know how kind she is ♥

I realized that Shii’s (Yamashita Shizuki) name showed up 3 times in my last blog because Shizuki told me about it. All of you Shizuki fans, I also love Shizuki. Next time I’ll talk about her.

Aa~ I promised to eat ramen together with Shizuki 💕

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