#88 Yoshino Sakura trees and Horsetails (2023.03.21)

Thank you for opening my blog.


I am Sakurazaka46’s Endo Hikari from Kanagawa Prefecture.




Thank you Buddies, for participating in the Sakurazaka46 meet & greets that were held on March 18th and March 19th. 🌸✨


It was very peaceful being able to spend time with you all and it’s deepened my feelings.🌱
How was meet & greet for all of you? I hope you had a good time.


We talked about all kinds of things, there were people who prepared uchiwa and signboards, people who made Japanese confections, and lots more. Thank you so much for taking the time to do all that for meet & greet! I had a really great time.


All your words and the thoughts you expressed to me, like “I want to see Hikari-chan on the tour or at a live!” warmed my heart. It made me really happy.


There were a lot of people who talked to me about the “Things I Like” blog I did a little while ago. I was very relieved to see that many people have been reading my blog and were even bringing it up in meet & greet.


What should we talk about next time? I’m looking forward to whatever you want to talk about with me!




The Yoshino sakura flowers🌸have bloomed!
It’s nice to go somewhere to see sakuras blooming.
I hope you all enjoy the sakura season as well!


I saw my first horsetail of the year! We all used to pick them a long time ago. It’s already that time of year… Spring, huh…





Thank you for reading my blog☺︎

I hope you’ll read the next one as well.

Until then.



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