The summer sky☁️ (2022.07.06)






It’s been a hot summer this year too!


How have you all been? 💦
Please stay well hydrated and be careful of heatstroke.




“W-KEYAKI FES.2022” will be held from July 21-24!



I look forward to seeing you Buddies in good spirits🌈
Thank you to everyone who applied!



Outdoor concerts are sided with natural phenomena like the sun, sunset, and sometimes rain and rainbows
There are moments when they just direct the music being played!



Mt. Fuji as seen from the stage is also beautiful
I’m excited to see what the weather will be like this year✨



Something I’ve been feeling recently is
I like the summer sky because the clouds look so close, it’s fantastic☁
I just took another picture today~



Just a little over two weeks away until the concert.
We will do our best to make it an unforgettable outdoor festival
So please look forward to it…!







Lately, Tom has been so cute and adorable as well.


It’s been getting hotter so he doesn’t come to my bed,
but he would always greet me when I come home♡







After giving Tom a cat-friendly cake for his birthday this year,
It seems that he’s become a big fan of cream🎂


My daily source of healing.







Thank you very much
for “THE MUSIC DAY 2022″🎤


We performed the coupling song
of the 2nd single,
“Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai”.


I love the music, the lyrics, the costume, and everything
So I was really happy to be able to perform it on TV!







That day, she set up my new phone camera for me!
It couldn’t work out at all at first, but thank you for your kindness in not giving up and trying it out until the end.





Thank you for supporting the live broadcast!








The application for the meet and greet to celebrate the album release is starting today☺



The meet and greet this time will be held for three days.


To be able to talk with all of you who have applied is a very valuable time for me.


I hope to have a time filled with fun
while treasuring each and every meeting with you☺️


If you’ve had any bit of doubt at all
I hope you would take this opportunity to finally meet me😌



【1st application】
2022.07.06 (Wed) 14:00 – 2022.07.07 (Thu) 14:00



Details here↓↓↓↓




Croissant the horse is also waiting for you🥕




See you later then!












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