To everyone 🌳🌸 (2022.06.14)

Hello 💐





There is something that I want to share today with everyone who has always supported me.






I will be graduating from Sakurazaka46
with the end of 1st album’s activity, which will be released on 3rd August.




First of all,


Everyone who has always supported me no matter what I was like,
Staff members who continued to support me,
Beloved members who have such wonderful hearts,
My family and friends who supported me up close,


it is thanks to everyone involved with me


that I was able to do my activities for 7 years!
Truly, thank you very much as always.










After I passed the audition for Keyakizaka46,
truly so many things happened so rapidly, so much that it was out of my imagination.



The more there are things that are fun that I wish it could last forever,


on the other hand,
the hard moments become remembered more strongly.



But above all, I received so many inspirations in my daily activities,


I am very grateful for the many, many experiences
that I’m sure I won’t be able to try or come in touch with
if I had a different life!









And about a year has passed,
since I took a hiatus from the group and returned.



Right now, I am truly sincerely glad that I choose to take a hiatus at that time
instead of graduating right away!!











However, in order to live my life in my own way,
without letting go of the cherished, important things
I have experienced and gained in the past 7 years,




I decided to leave this world,
and spend my [life] in a comfortable manner without going against my own feelings.






After graduation,
in the days to come,
I’d like to come in touch with many things and think in my own way in a relaxed manner.






But first of all, I hope to smile a lot and make many memories with everyone with no regrets
until the very last day of my activity 🙂🌸



Please continue to give your support as always.





Ozeki Rika

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