Treasured, Summer ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ Ishimori Rikaㅤㅤ #rikanoblog (2023.08.19)



Good evening🌛


It’s Ishimori Rika





Well then
Thank you for reading today’s relay blog



The sky has been in a bad mood lately…
There are days when the weather is strange, but is everyone is doing okay?
If you are not feeling well, please take it easy and rest












Is there anyone who has been waiting for 10 days…?
If there is, I’m happy



How were the past 10 days for everyone〜〜

Speaking of the 10 days between my last blog and today’s blog
Real Meet and Greet happened




First of all

Thank you very much!


It was a stage that warmed both my mind and body!
Festivals are wonderful
The 3rd generation was also happy to be able to stand on that stage



Oh, I could see the towels all the way to the back too〜
Thank you very much for showing us ☺︎
I was veeery happy!











And, and


Thank you very much for the Real Meet and Greet!

It was through an acrylic board, but
I was so happy to be able to meet and talk with you all in person

Meeting people I’ve talked to a lot at online meet and greets…
Meeting people for the first time…
I was nervous, but I was able to talk happily with them


I hope we were able to talk as usual〜
Let’s talk a lot again about what you thought of the real meet and greet at the online meet and greet 〜〜





Thank you so much for all the flowers!
Everything was so nice and I was so happy,,

I’ll post more next time, so please wait for it, !




Thank you very much to Nagi-chan’s fans too
It was fun ☺︎

I tied Nagi-chan’s obi at the real meet and greet like I did last time,
“Rika is really amazing〜 you should list this as one of your specialties!”
She kept praising me lol



I chose yukata dressing as an elective class in junior high school, so I can do it〜
I praised the junior high school Rika in my memory for remembering it so well even though it was a long time ago

(丿 ̄ο ̄)丿





Next week is the national meet and greet
It’s a RikaRiko pair〜
Thank you very much ☺︎










I’ve been feeling like I can’t wait to use the message app



I’m looking forward to the opening of the personal blogs〜



I’ve been working on an album for quite a while now, with photos I want to show to you all and send them via message and my personal blog〜
By the way, the name of the album is #りかめら (#Rikamera)
I put “Rika” and “camera” together

There are a lot of photos of the 3rd gen in the Rikamera album



I want to do some projects for the message app
I want to edit videos and make a vlog of my days off, and also I want to do cooking videos!

I also want to make calls〜
I feel like this is something that only a message app can do




There’s a lot to look forward to






Not every day is full of joy and happiness


At such times
I think it’s important to create things that you think are are wonderful and enjoyable in your daily life.

I think it is better to be happy, enjoy, and be moved by a little bit of luck
I feel that the more I spend time with a big smile on my face, the more my heart is recharged



Saying something like “I feel this way”,
I’m just saying it to myself in writing…










Thank you all for your hard work every day  ☺︎
Work, school, club activities, part-time jobs, etc.
You’re all amazing for doing your bestー!

( ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ヾ(ᐢ.ˬ.ᐡ )



But recently

I ate a looot without worrying about the amount or time



Please take it easy, everyone!








Yesterday was Yu-chan’s birthday, wasn’t it?
Happy Birthday, Yu-chan 🎂♡



Yu-chan has always been teaching me how to dance since we were in training
No matter how many times I ask her, she kindly teaches me and really helps me… just like her name, she is kind…


Let’s go to a cafe soonー!
Let’s have a great year♩



I took a happy birthday selfie video and sent it to her, she was so happy ( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝ )












I will appear in MARQUEE Vol.151 on sale from Tuesday, August 22

I was so happy to be photographed with Miu〜〜
I have some off-shoots, so I’ll post them next time




And, and

The Sakurazaka46 and Hinatazaka46 Campaign at Lawson has started!


There are clear files and key holders
I would be happy if you could get them〜



The twin wafers with cards will also be available from August 22

I got it ahead of the others, and guess what!
I pulled the rare card of Tamura Hono-san!

I reported it to her immediately♩I’m so happy









Who is the 3rd gen member in my line of sight?









Thank you very much for reading my blog today as well

For you,






I will cast a spell so that when you look at your coin purse when you pay,
you’ll be like “Oh, I can pay perfectly〜♩”






Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn 🌝





Please continue to use #ねーねーりかちゃん (#HeyheyRikachan) too ☺︎

Well well, see you〜〜






From Rika



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