An umbrella is necessary when I’m going out for a stroll. When I go outside, I want to block out as much sound as I can, but when it’s raining I love to hear the sound of the droplets hitting the umbrella. Also I wonder how many more times I can see the hydrangeas~ (2023.06.13)




I’m 18-years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto





How are you doing, everyone?

My days have been filled with the afterglow of 3rd TOUR 2023 lately
If there are people that say they like the afterglow after a concert
then although it may be hard to describe, maybe there are people that say they don’t like it too
I am one of those people…

In any case, it’s hard to describe
But that sad feeling after a concert       where your sense of reality
hits you harder after having a taste of something so unreal
It somehow makes me feel lonely



But well, I understand the very fact that I’m experiencing an afterglow
means that it must have been a very great time out on the tour

It might be a little too early to mention this
but it has been decided that we will be performing at ZOZO Marine Stadium in November
I will do my best every day so that many people can come to our concert





Aichi performance




6th single “Start over!”



It has been decided that the 3rd generation song will be recorded as the common coupling song

And thank you very much for “Natsu no Chikamichi”s 3 Million views
It makes me happy to know that 3rd generation’s first song is loved so much
The new song is also filled with our various thoughts. I hope that we can perform in such a way that we are able to deliver a wonderful song to you

The eleven 3rd generation members will give it our best, so please give us your support



I hope that it will be a song that you love




And then…

this is something I’m very grateful for,

It seems that so many people have applied to my meet & greet
that was opened to commemorate the release of the 6th single…
Truly, thank you very much. Just the fact that you want to meet me makes me happy
I will do my best in what I can do to be able to repay you, so please look forward to the day of the meet & greet


I wonder if I can arrange my clothes or hairstyle next time~ If I can, I’ll give various different styles a try since my hair is usually straight ( ¨̮ )
The ones requested the most in letters are half-twin and twintails
I’ll do both






It will be open in Roppongi Museum from 28th July to 29th October~


I’m really looking forward to it

It sure is exciting to wonder what kind of exhibition it will be, isn’t it? You can already tell that it’s going to be stylish and cool from the key visual, so it makes me more excited about the exhibition

I hope that many people can come to it




Before I entered Sakurazaka46, I didn’t really have the habit of leaving memories in the form of pictures…
When I look back, sometimes I thought, “Wish I could see a picture from that moment one more time”, and I feel how important it is to leave your memories in the form of pictures

Ever since I joined the group, I started practicing taking selfies more often. But like, isn’t taking a picture all by yourself not normal?… Every day I face the camera for many hours while thinking about how difficult it is
I try to take a picture of the scenery or what I’m seeing at that moment whenever I’m out somewhere for work
When I’m able to post a lot of pictures, I will release a bit then





I’m a bit panicked right now, thinking that the content of this blog have gotten somehow very serious, and since I have written quite a long one I’m not sure if I should add anything more to it~


I’ll write again





And so around here, I bring today’s blog
to an end

Thank you very much for reading until the end




Tomorrow is Rika’s
Please look forward to it~





I wonder if anyone remembers this
This is the unblurred version of the picture I uploaded on my second blog….

The one I forgot about


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