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My favorite thing about myself is that I’m lucky



This time as well, a lot of luck has piled up, and I will be releasing my 1st photo book on April 18, 2023 (Tuesday) from Kobunsha.


It was shot in Hokkaido, Tanegashima, and my hometown of Kagoshima!  I laughed a lot with the team I love, and it became an unforgettable trip in my life!


Thanks to all of you who always support me,

My dream of publishing another photo book has come true!

Thank you very much*


A me that even I met for the first time,

A me just the way I am

And parts I have never shown to others… :*)


It’s all packed with moments!


We did our best so that nothing was left undone,

I hope you’re looking forward to it!





Three advance cuts have also been releasedー!




Thank you to all the media outlets that published them*




I am very happy to be published by Kobunsha this time.

I am very happy to be featured on the web page of bis, which I love and read every month 🐝


Thank you very much!





I hope it reaches many people…*


You can make reservations here!






🤍Rakuten Books Limited Cover




🤍HMV & BOOKS Limited Cover




🤍Books Kinokuniya Limited Cover




The official Twitter account has also been opened!

I hope you will follow it and check out the latest information 🕊


To celebrate the release of the Ozono Rei 1st photo book, I will be doing a SHOWROOM✨



This is where I get to talk about the photo book with my own mouth for the first time, so I hope you’ll watch!


Until the evening, while looking forward to the livestream…









And from 22:00 tonight

On the Sakurazaka46 official YouTube channel


The music video of the 5th single coupling song, “Cool”, will be released✨


My heart is racing


Please check it out!





Ozono Rei

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