Sakurazuki (2023.01.30)




Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱




The music video for the 5th single “Sakurazuki”
has been unveiled〜




This time, Director Konno Erika has been in charge of filming.
Thank you very much!

I’m glad we get to work again.

It was beautiful when it was filmed, 
but the video made it more delicate and splendid, 
and it was wonderful^ ^


And I was also humbled to see so many people preparing 
from early in the morning until late at night 
in the cold weather.

Thank you very much!!


I hope that the 5th single 
will reach as many people as possible!



We celebrated Renachoco-san’s birthday🍓
Happy Birthday!!!


We’re gatheringーーーーー✊🏻


The set was fantastic, and I took many pictures, 
so I’ll post them again sometime〜


Please support “Sakurazuki”!🌸









Which reminds me…

The 11 3rd generation members who joined Sakurazaka46
has been announced!

Their vlogs and documentaries 
have been published for a while now〜


I watched today’s documentary! 
I’m impressed every time I watch the documentaries…


There are only girls who love Sakurazaka
and seeing the honest look in their eyes
makes me very happy.

I look forward to the day 
when we can work together^ ^









Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!





The end🌱




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