Staircase (2023.01.29)

Good evening




On Sunday, January 29 from 21:54

I will be making an appearance

together with Rena-chan


in The Tokyo TV variety show “Ariyoshi eeeee! ~ sou da! Ima kara omaen chi de gemu shinai? (Ariyoshi eeeee!~ that’s right! Shall we play a game now?)” 🎮


Staircase (2023.01.29)


And tonight’s game will be surprisingly…

Pico Park 👾



When I appeared in

the “Ariyoshi eeeee!” show

for the first time,

there was a super fierce battle of this game.



I guess it was exactly one year ago?



I still remember very well

about that time..



I was so scare about the broadcast!!! 😂



Sometimes I go back and

watch the full version on Youtube…

And now I can laugh about it (´Д` ) LOL







This time I received an intensive training

before the actual recording

together with Tanaka-san from Ungirls

and Rena-chan. ☝🏻





Will the recording be okay?!

Perhaps this will make everyone

feel a little bit anxious. LOL



Anyway, please watch it…LOL



The outfit was extremely cute,

so I took a picture~~~


So cute~~I was happy~~









It makes me happy being able to inform that

I will appear this year as well in

“Ariyoshi eeeee!”

which is a TV show that I like so much.




Hearing from you things like

“I watched the broadcast~!” etc.


I’ve even heard some people telling me that

“I became a fan of you because of this show”,


Because of someone like me who always loses!?

It’s really mysterious and it can’t be helped,

but it makes happy and

my heart is full of gratitude…🙇






I will do my best so that

I don’t lose in Splatoon 🦑

and so that I can show my growth in other games too 🎮 ( ◜◡◝ )


Looking forward to tonight’s broadcast~



This time too,

let’s watch it together with everyone through the Message App 🤳











In TVer’s “TVer de Manabu! Saikyou no jikanwari~wakamono ni honki de tsutaetai jugyou~”

(Learning with TVer! The strongest timetable~Lessons I really want to convey to the younger generation~)



🏋🏻‍♀️With Bikini Fitness Instructor Yasui Yuri



✍🏻With Editor/Writer Mr. Kuron Joe


I’ll be making an appearance together with Yui-chan

in these two lessons!





I’ve become completely addicted to this show

since the last time that I appeared in it…




Having the opportunity to hear stories

from these cool seniors

who are known as “adults” in life

it’s really valuable, stimulating and very interesting.




Each time, it has a lot of influence in me…





Regardless of your age,

I hope everyone can watch it 😌



By all means!








I’ll write again



See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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