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2023 didn’t happen in the blink of an eye,





We did many things and went to many places



We did many things for the first time 







Every day here we were given the chance to do something different 






There were many feelings




There were days we would cry together 


There were days we would cry alone




There were days we would cry while hugging each other close


There would also be times we would make each other laugh after crying 






The same amount, no, double the amount


We would spend the time laughing 





I’m glad the members are with me


I can’t count the number of days I was able to do my best because they were there





I love the members 


I also love the staff around us




Sakurazaka46 is surrounded by a heartwarming atmosphere that overflows from heartwarming people 



They’re so kind





When you’ve been given so much kindness

It also makes you want to give that kindness to someone






I was taught kindness without asking for anything in return 







Being able to be beside you when you’re not busy isn’t a given, right?







I also feel grateful for Buddies




We won the Best Musician Award and Popularity Award at the “Asia Artist Awards 2023 IN PHILIPPINES”





We found out midway through the voting that Buddies united in doing their best to vote for us so we were allowed to let you know through the messaging app


We were very motivated by the thought that “because Buddies are working so hard like this for us, we have to respond with our best performance!”





There was a dreamlike reality in front of our eyes


The feelings of “It’s simply fun!” “I want to stay in this space all the time!”


And the feeling of “We’ve been overwhelmed by global professional entertainment, so we also have to do more and more!!”




I can still feel the lingering aftertaste of burning up together





I want to continue going anywhere with you


I also promise to not let Japanese Buddies feel lonely*





Thank you for coming to see us at the meet and greets and concerts 


Of course, there are times we don’t meet






Reacting to what we do on daily social media 

Leaving comments like making Sakurazaka known 



While we can’t meet, I want to notice all the things you do for us



Even if it doesn’t reach the person directly…

Even if the person doesn’t know about it…


Feeling that way while doing it for us, it really really does reach



Because you’re doing each of those things, I can be here






I’m thinking of Buddies more than you could probably imagine 



Things like” I wonder if you’re doing well today…” and “I wonder if you’re having fun!”






I also think of things like “I wonder if you still like me today”





I also thought of that today


















On The 74th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen


and CDTV New Year’s Eve Special





I’m glad we are able to perform


I’m grateful to be able to deliver something until the last day of a year like this





Please welcome a good year ahead with Sakurazaka〜🐰🐉




Stay warm, okay*








Ozono Rei

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