Usapiyo〜🐣 (2021.04.04)


Happy Easterー🐥🥚🎉







Usapiyo ♪ Turn around, come on! Usapiyo ♪



There’s a song like that. It’s really cute and soothing☺️

Everyone please listen to it♪



Today is Easter!

I want to try going on an Easter Hunt〜🥚

I love Choco Egg☺️🍫







Kira chan



Hikari chan



Akiho chan


She did the Aoko pose
Well done〜☺️🦈



The new uniform is really cute. It makes me happy🌸

I have a lot of photos so I’ll send some via message as well.〜🐈






And, Ray May Edition is on sale now🍓


Mickey Hair 🐭♡




LARME048 is on sale as well🎀



I wore a crown👑

I’m happy to be like a princess〜👸🏰


Please check it out♪




Until next time☺️



Watanabe Rika



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