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Thank you for opening my blog



I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 19 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡





ーーー LOVE it! ーーー


My time as a season regular on Wednesday LOVE it! has ended as of the June 26th episode~ 🥲


Did you have fun on Wednesdays during April to June?



The atmosphere of the studio was always so bright, I really had so much fun and was so excited the entire time!! I’d like to think I’ve also grown a little in some areas since my first appearance ☺️



My first live broadcast,
My first morning show,
I rarely feel nervous, but I was so nervous on my first day that I barely remember anything.


However, Hono-san came [as a guest] the following week, and that made me stop feeling nervous and I was able to enjoy the show just as I am!




I did the figure-8 jump, played “Accent Game”, played MomoTetsu, and played “Complex Werewolf” with everyone,,, We really made lots of memories!




Also, also,
I was given the chance to perform Suda Masaki-san’s “Sayonara Elegy”, and as a surprise for me, Moriyama-san played the drum, Shibata-san played the guitar, and Doumae-san played the bass!!



I was really shocked, and my brain couldn’t even process it,,



Actually, my voice got hoarse a few days before that and I was feeling down, but when I heard everyone’s playing on the intro, I felt really happy and all of my sadness went away, so I was able to enjoy the performance 🥰


Thank you very much for making the time to practice amidst your busy schedules!


I hope we can perform together again someday!


The episode is still being streamed on-demand on TVer, so be sure to give it a watch if you haven’t~!



With everyone, whom I love!! 🐰





MC Kirin Kawashima-san

Everything was a first for me and I often felt lost, but he was always there to guide and teach me, he was really kind! There’s a feeling of ease about him and he always did his job as an MC while still having fun. He also came to our concert, I really feel thankful to him!
I want to try playing badminton and volleyball together again!


MC Tamura-ana
[T/N: Suffix for announcers]

Tamura-ana is so cool, and she’s surrounded by a gentle aura!
When we met again on the studio after Sakurazaka’s concert, she conveyed her thoughts about it passionately to me, I was really happy ☺️
We were often positioned next to each other in the games during the opening segments, so we got to talk a lot when the commercials aired and such, that made me happy 💕



She always greets me kindly saying “Airi-ta~n, good morning~!” with a gentle smile on her face.
I was happy that we got to celebrate Yada-san’s pet dog Monaka-san’s birthday in the studio 🎂
There are still a lot of things I want to talk about with Yada-san~,,, I hope we can meet again someday!

Celebratory T-shirt!
Once again, Happy 8th birthday, Monaka-san 🎂㊗️


Untouchable Shibata-san

Thank you for playing the guitar!
I felt at ease whenever I heard Shibata-san’s voice from behind me, and Shibata-san was really funny whenever he went on a riot, it made me laugh a lot!



Mitorizu Moriyama-san

Thank you for playing the drums! I’ll pay attention to your drumstick spinning properly 🫡
I hope you will succeed on the blind taste test someday!
I was happy that we got to talk ☺️


Mitorizu Lily-san

I tried to guess the song too during the LOVE it! ranking segment, and it was really hard,,!
Both the Beckham and Leonardo diCaprio hairstyle suited him well~
I’m looking forward to what hairstyle he’ll do next!



Long Coat Daddy Doumae-san

Thank you for playing the bass!
I was really amazed by his deductions when we played Hit & Blow,,!
I really love his answer, “Gifu Prefecture” to the question “Shinjuku Gyoen is now a garden, what was there before that?” It was really funny!


Long Coat Daddy Usagi-san

He was really, really funny when he played the policeman role in the “City Chase” game,,,
I couldn’t stop laughing!
I want to watch him play different roles!



Alco & Peace Hirako-san

He praised my dish, Chicken fillet-Cheese-Yukarin, a lot and that made me really happy!
The sight of Hirako-san smiling while watching Sakai-san having fun was really wonderful,,.


Alco & Peace Sakai-san

On my first LOVE it! episode, Sakai-san participated in the “Old Men Sprint Race” and I remember that it was so funny and it relieved my nervousness! I hope he will place first someday ✨️
His ROCKET DIVE performance also cheered me up!



All the LOVE it! staff

Thanks to everyone, we were able to have fun on each Wednesday LOVE it! episode.
There were a lot of moments where I realized that the studio could have this bright and warm atmosphere because all of the staff were so kind.
In these three months, I grew to love LOVE it! even more 💕



Lappy-san 🐰

I only met them once, but I couldn’t forget the impact of their cuteness,,
From that moment, I became Lappy-san’s prisoner of love,,!




I’m a person who usually laughs a lot, but when I was on LOVE it! I really laughed out loud from the bottom of my heart!


On Wednesdays, the middle of the week, where people usually start getting tired, if I managed to make people laugh, then I’d consider my goal achieved!


April 9th      My first LOVE it!
[T/N: Should be April 10th, recap here]


May 1st      Theme:
“Something that you want people not to look down on”
[Recap here


May 8th      Theme:
“Something that makes you feel refreshed”
[Recap here]


June 5th      Theme:
“Something you were into in your 3rd year of high school”
I became the MomoTetsu Queen~!
[Recap here]


June 19th      Theme:
“Something you want to do a vote on”
Complex werewolf,, 🐺
In the end, we couldn’t find out who the werewolf was,, so frustrating,,
[Recap here]


June 26th      My last LOVE it! episode in June! 
[Recap here]



I had so much fun in these three months!


I feel really sad now that I have graduated from being a season regular, but if I’m given the chance to appear again,
I’ll do my best every day cheerfully
To be able to deliver smiles and happiness to LOVE it! 🥰

Thank you very much for these three months!





Changing the topic!


It was decided that we will be holding the “3rd Generation Concert” 🌸🌸🌸



It will be held on Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium
For two days, September 12th (Thu) and 13th (Fri)!



I think the chance to hold a concert with just the 3rd generation members is something that is not to be taken for granted.

That’s why all of the 3rd generation members will do our best not to miss any opportunities!


Sakurazaka is growing day by day, so I think there are charms and expressions that can only be expressed now!
Please come and experience it for yourself!


I’ll be waiting for everyone~



This time, in addition to all reserved seats, there will also be family and women’s areas. Please put those into your consideration as well ☺️

⚠️ The deadline for fanclub members applications is on July 2nd (Tue) 23:59, so don’t forget to apply before that~


↓↓↓ You can access the special site here 



See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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