Wintry sky (2024.03.24)






Good morning 🌟 It’s Yuuzu 🌟





I’ve been looking forward to today~

I’ll be in your care for the online meet & greet today ☺︎





Thank you to everyone who came yesterday ♡

I had a lot of fun~

Please come again if you’d like.









Thank you for the Aichi stops of the tour!

Reina is really funny
So much fun

I feel at ease with Airi
You’re cute too today

Cute Ten-san
Lately, my respect for her has grown stronger…

Hikari-san, who’s really, really kind and supportive

I rely on them too much… For real…
I love them





It was really full of love
Thank you for all the smiles and cheers







The release of LIVE Blu-ray & DVD “3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE at ZOZO MARINE STADIUM” has been decided!



I’m really happy
I’m grateful that the wonderful time I spent with everyone was preserved on video
I want to see myself from that day soon



It will be released on May 15th (Wednesday)
Look forward to it 🦭





The third gen members are now featured in “Sakukoi”!

I think it’d be fun to fall in love with Yuuzu








I will be making an appearance on “Ariyoshiiieeee” at 21:54 tonight 🎮

In this episode, I will finally show off the results of my personal segment on the show’s official YouTube channel, “Nakashima Yuzuki’s Minecraft Broadcast”!


Be sure to watch it~








I hope today will be a good day for you 🌻




See you

See you real soon




From Yuuzu

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