Year 2022 (2021.12.31)



Good afternoon!




Today’s the last day of 2021〜


To all of you who have supported me this past year, even after we changed our name to Sakurazaka,

Thank you so much🌸


This year, we were able to do a lot of live performances with an audience,
and I was able to meet my fans directly.

I also got to talk to fans at the meet and greet, and other events.
It’s been a happy year for me!




Today, we will be performing in the “72nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” from 7:30 pm.



I’m hoping that today will be a chance for people to get to know Sakurazaka anew.

As a way of expressing our gratitude for this year, all of us will do our best in “Nagaredama”!



By all means, please watch it!




Nagaredama-like photos
(It’s the costume for the 3rd single jacket photo)




Manager-san was snapping away and took a lot of photos🌹




Thank you again for this year🐮



Have a good New Year〜🐯



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