INORI BLOG (2021.12.31)


This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.


I got featured in EX Taishuu, January edition!

During meet & greet, people told me that they saw it, or showing up the pages that they like. I’m very happy about it.

Thank you very much!

It was such an enjoyable photoshoot. There are takes where I put on some Christmas decorations and having fun making a pottage.

It would be great if you can have it with you! (please buy it! >_<)








Sakurazaka46 was performing in the Music Station, Ultra SUPER LIVE 2021!

We performed 「BAN」!

Thank you for those who watched it!

I was happy to perform it with a beautiful direction that involved the stage in various ways.


We also performed in COUNTDOWN JAPAN 21/22!

This was our first time to perform as Sakurazaka46, and also it has been 2 years since we got to perform in it! (the COUNTDOWN JAPAN 20/21 was cancelled)

I was really looking forward to it. It was really fun!

Apart from you “Buddies”, it would be great that even those who don’t know Sakurazaka might get to like us, even for just a bit.

Thank you very much!




Also, today from 19.30 JST, Sakurazaka46 will be performing in the 72nd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen!

It is such a grateful thing that all members will be performing on this year’s as well.

I’m really thankful.

I want to deliver a conclusive performance to end the year 2021.



Also, from 23.45, Sakurazaka46 will perform in 「CDTV Special! New Year Premiere Live 2021 → 2022」!

It would be our first TV performance in 2022!

Please have a watch!



Well then, that’s about it for today.


Thank you for reading up until the end.


Bye~bye 🦒



Inoue Rina

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