‪‪☺︎‬ (2021.11.16)

Good evening.

Thank you for your hard work today.

I’m sorry that it’s personal matter,
but yesterday I turned 23 years old ‪‪☺︎‬

This is my 7th birthday since I became an idol,
and I could feel the passage of time,

but I feel how truly very happy
to be congratulated by many people,
and to have it celebrated in many different ways
every year.

From the letters I received
from mobame app,
many kind words overflow,
and greatly warmed my heart.

Once again I am filled with the feeling of gratitude
to all of you.

I haven’t finished reading them all,
so I’d like to read them slowly
including the handwritten letters you sent me 💌

In this year of being 23 years old,
I am still lacking in many things
and I often fell frustrated with myself,

To make more people know more
about Sakurazaka,

So that Sakurazaka’s various songs
can be delivered straightforwardly into the hearts
of those who met Sakurazaka.

So that I can be of help,
I’d like to see things more broadly,
to feel more things and absorb it

I hope to improve myself daily
as I face myself.

And so that I can support the members
even for little.

I want to talk with them about various things
and stay by their side a lot. ☺︎‬

I would also like to continue
to deliver more thoughts
to Buddies 🌷

The Pomu hoodie
I got from Kira-chan 🐶

It seems that the “Pomu”
was written by Kira-chan
with love.

I’m truly happy, I’ll cherish it ☺︎‬

The other day
she wrote about me a lot in her blog,
I feel kind of embarrassed but let me jump on this opportunity… 😳

The person who always gives me
a lot of love, warmth, and kindness.

It is because we are apart,
that we can talk from various perspectives
and seeing her in concerts or music shows
give me a lot of energy.

I guess she’s a special person to me
who also treats me as a friend ‪‪☺︎‬

I feel really grateful of Sari-chan~
Thank you 🍀

Well then.

Please kindly treat 23 years old me well.


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