③🐶🌸 (2023.03.30)

It’s been a while!
I’ve received the baton from Rika.

3rd Gen Blog Relay, 3rd week
This is Endo Riko. ☺︎


Thank you for opening this blog!



The other day,
I went for a walk to see cherry blossoms!

③🐶🌸 (2023.03.30)

I was surprised that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom before I knew it!🫢


Seeing the cherry blossoms put my heart at ease. 🌸
Did you guys also do a cherry blossom viewing this year~?





[Story behind the vlog]


Since I got asked this a lot during meet & greet,
I will now tell a little bit of the story behind my vlog.☺︎


Talking about vlog sure takes you back right~

During meet & greet,
“Why was your face so stiff there?”
            I got asked that kind of question a lot, lol.



Everyone, don’t you think
                    between me now and me in the vlog

                                           that my character is totally different?



Even when I look back at myself,
           I also think that I sure looked gloomy in the vlog.



Since it was the first time I did a recording while holding the camera by myself,
I was shy and nervous there.🤭





I’m normally fooling around just like this.🤫
I also got asked about when I played the drums🥁 in the vlog a lot too
Since I’m still not very good at playing the drums, I did my best at practicing so it could be at a level where I could perform it~☺︎
I can’t play it by just copying what I heard,
so for the sheet music, I took a reference from a video of the drum being played, watched it, listened to it, and made my own!😏
I will do my best to practice more so I can play the drums much cooler!! lol
Also the truth is!
Nagi-chan can also play the guitar 🎸So I thought that someday it’d be nice if I can do a session with her~


[About the 3rd gens]

And so!
Changing topics, I will continue what I did on my previous blog
I will introduce the 3rd gens~!!


Airi is dependable and cute. 👶
Airi helps lots every day.
Also, since she’s diligent and a hard worker, it seems like she’ll evolve a lot more from now on.☺︎
I will work hard until the day comes that I can catch up to Airi!


Yuzuki-chan is nice, cute, and funny.
She always cares about everyone in the 3rd gen.
Not only she is nice, she’s also really funny.
She often makes funny faces🤭
Thanks to Yuzuki-chan, everyone always has a smile on their face☺︎


Mio is cute.
Even though she has a cool appearance and voice, she’s very cute and innocent on the inside. I’m totally obsessed with Mio right now.
Lately, Mio has been hitting on the 3rd gens, also, I like how she is a quite a friendly person.🤫


That’s all for today.
Please look forward to the 3rd gen corner in the next blog!



[About the seniors🫣]


When I was writing about 3rd gens,
It made me also want to write stories about the seniors next!

Please let me talk about them a bit~



First up! My Oshi Morita-san☺︎


Despite persistently telling Morita-san that I like her, she replies with a “Thank you” without finding it annoying
She is very cute and kind.
I love Morita-san’s smiling face. ☺︎



Next is~, the one I share a surname with, Endo Hikari-san!


Endo Hikari-san started talking to us 3rd gen as soon as we and the seniors started having activities together!
She’s really nice and is one of the senior I have a lot of respect for! ☺︎
Hikari-san looks really cool when she’s performing, I love it. ♪



The 3rd person is Masumoto Kira-san!


Masumoto-san is one of the seniors that’s talked to me since the start! She’s cute, easy to talk to, and a really nice senior!♪
When Masumoto-san is clinging to Miu, I watch them while thinking how cute it is. 🤫
She’s a very heartful person… ☺︎



Next up, the one that’s the same age as me, Ten-sama!


Ten-san is so mentally mature that it’s hard for me to believe we’re the same age… She’s a very great person.☺︎
She is cute, nice, and filled with a lot of charm points!
I too will work hard so I can be a charming person just like Ten-san…💪


Though this time I can only write about a few of the seniors,
each and everyone of them are truly great,
they’re all lovely right down to their cores. It made me really happy.




The blog today will end here.
Thank you for reading until the end!
Please look forward to the next one. ♪

Lastly, I did a selfie with a 🐶 pose.


Look forward to Reina-chan’s blog tomorrow as well~

I’m very aware that I did tsukkomi to Reina-chan a lot.
Sorry, lol

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