⑥ (2023.05.02)

Thank you for opening this blog.


I’m Endo Riko, a 17 years old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.


So the other day, it was raining,


And I was walking with my umbrella,


I didn’t realize that it has stopped raining,


I was embarrassed,


Because I was the only one with my umbrella out.


When I hastily looked around,


I put my umbrella back immediately.


I wanted to share this embarrassment with everyone. (laughs)





Us 3rd generation was featured in the BUBKA edition that was on sale on 28th April.


Please do check it out. ☺︎


We took pictures with the cherry blossom trees and went to the beach, it was a really fun shooting!!


I’m happy that they managed to take many pictures of the 3rd gens’ natural smiles~♪




[Fukuoka Tour Performance]


Thank you for the Fukuoka tour performance that was held the other day.


I ate a lot of delicious foods.🤫


Thank you for all the flowers too!!




The 2nd day of the Fukuoka leg was Seki-san graduation ceremony.


I will work hard so Seki-san can look over Sakurazaka46 from now on at ease.

I’m happy that I can see Seki-san’s really beautiful appearance.



↑A 2-shot together with Itoha-chan♪


”I want to have my first 2-shot picture with Rii!”


What a cute thing she said to me~


But I don’t know if she does remember,,☺︎


The blog this time will end here.


Thank you for reading this until the end.


Tomorrow is Reina-chan.


To the people that have come to Fukuoka’s performances, how was Princess Reina pun?


Reina-chan who wrote down any puns that showed up in her mind, she’s so omoshireinaー!
[T/N: Omoshiroi= Funny, Omoshiroi + Reina = Omoshireina]           


Only for Reina okay.☺︎


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