☺︎‬ (2021.10.17)


Good evening.


Thank you for your hard work today.


On 15th,
We were able to appear on MUSIC STATION’s 35th Anniversary 4 Hours Special ‪‪☺︎


Congratulations on the 35th Anniversary…!


And truly thank you very much
for giving Sakurazaka46 the chance
to appear in such a memorable day.


This time there are special production from the start,
glitter that is like the MV’s world view
are fluttering in the air,


They have given us a production
that made “Nagaredama”
become more meaningful and deeper.


I was truly grateful and felt happy.


We performed “Nagaredama” using the red costume
for the first time in MUSIC STATION-san 🌹


I really love the surprising feeling
given by how we danced wildly barefoot,
that is unthinkable to dance wearing
the sweet and lovely red dress with different designs for each person.







Go-chan, congratulations on your 10th anniversary!🐼


Every time I see Go-chan at the entrance,
he is so cute that I just want to take him home
I am soothed‪‪☺︎


I love Go-chan one-sidedly,
so on Go-chan’s cheek
I made a half of heart.


Really cute~~.


I was soothed a lot🐼



And on the midnight of 15th
we also appeared on
“Buzz Rhythm 02”!





Yesterday we appeared on
“Shibuya Note” ‪‪☺︎


They cared so much about how we will be dancing barefoot
They wiped the floor repeatedly,
and ask things like,
“Is there is anything on the floor that hurts? Anything that stings?”
I felt a kindness that greatly warms my heart.


Truly thank you very much,
for taking such great care down to the details. ☺️


And once again
hearing the meaning behind the choreography or the particular points of “Nagaredama”,
from TAKAHIRO-sensei
who choreographed every Sakurazaka46 songs,


I felt how deep is the love
that has been put to it,


I’d like to cherish and more carefully dance every movement,
to straightforwardly deliver love to as many people as possible, and hope to comfort them.


I truly love
TAKAHIRO-sensei’s choreography.


I am filled with much gratitude
for how he has always been creating choreographies for us,
and the many other things beside performance
he has worked with us with.




Yesterday my hair was different from usual ☺︎


A first try.


I always made my own forelock,
but I asked the make-up artist
to make it curly with a casual look.


I quite like it ‪‪☺︎
I want to do it again.



This has been a while but,
on 4th October we appeared on “CDTV Live! Live! 4 Hours Special” ‪‪☺︎


We were able to perform
“Nagaredama” for the first time in full size. 🌹


Every time we appeared
they put a lot into the production,


This time from the start
there was a screen that looked like it was shot by bullets,
and how there are rose petals fluttering at the end,


I truly feel grateful every time…


And in the “I tried dancing” project
we were able to dance
YOASOBI-san’s “Kaibutsu”.


It’s full of nothing but things that are new,
and because of the small number of people
there are many things that are deeply thought about,
I was full of
great worries and pressure…


I want to deliver the charm of Sakurazaka46,
I want to be someone who could be the reason
someone become interested in a group named Sakurazaka46,


When I listened to YOASOBI-san’s “Kaibutsu” for the first time,
the very strong, deep, and straightforward words
strongly resonated within me,
So I had a strong feeling
of wanting to straightforwardly convey
what I am feeling in the performance,


Communicating each other’s thoughts with each other,
even while carrying various feelings,
by cooperating and supporting each other,
I truly felt that I was able to face it
with a strong feeling while having fun.


Kawamura-sensei*, who choreographed Kaibutsu,
worked with me many times until the very last minutes
to make sure that the lyrics that I want to particularly convey
could be conveyed.

*T/N: One of Infinity dancers



The end result is that there is a part that I feel greatly frustrated about
from my lack of abilities,
to be honest, even now I’m still not over it,


But I feel very, very happy
to be able to share the feelings of challenging something new with Kawamura-sensei and the other members,
and giving it my best.


Because of this opportunity,
I was able to find something that I should do from now on,
and a new goal,
so I am truly grateful to CDTV-san
who has given me this opportunity.


If we have another chance,
I’d like to become stronger, powering up,
and go for revenge…


I will do my best every day.


Well then.


There will be SokoSaku tonight 🌸
If you have time, by all means, please give it a look.





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