‪‪☺︎‬ (2024.06.21)

Good evening


To everyone who came to the Tokyo Dome performance,
And to those who watched through the livestream,
Thank you very much.




This was the 2nd Dome as Sakurazaka.


I never imagine that
I would be able to see this beautiful scenery
In this big place again,
I was truly, truly happy from the bottom of my heart.


My heart was trembling the entire time.


I was filled with nervousness and anxiety,
I didn’t know how it will go
I keep thinking about such things


Contrary to my imagination
It was a warm and kind world.


It was only then, for the first time, that I felt perhaps coming back was a good decision.


I’ll do my best.




I started to feel that putting my feelings into words became difficult for me suddenly one day.


Even now as I started writing these words, I feel a sense of dread


This writing might be a bit all over the place but…
What I want to convey, what I’m feeling,
What I have always wanted to say,
Instead of keeping it inside my heart,
I’m writing this down to share it with you.


I’m expressing these words straight from my heart,
There might be some negative words but
I don’t want you to take them too deeply. I hope you can accept them as my true feelings at this current moment.


And because I’m quite conscious of ‘words’,
If you don’t want to see it, please don’t read it.


The writing from here on,
I would be happy if you could read it with a warm and kind heart.



This may not be something new but
When I was on hiatus,


There were truly important people whom I wanted to send off personally.
I really wanted to be together with them
Until the end of their activities.


These people deeply had a significant presence to me,
And their existence always deeply moved my heart.


I wanted to send them off in person, so I tried telling this to the staff but


After discussing it with the staff,
We concluded that it was impossible for me at that time to send them off on stage, thus I decided to send them off behind the scenes.


I’m sure that some people felt disappointed, and I sensed that.


I’m really sorry.



When I had the chance to perform at Tokyo Dome this time, after discussing with the staff while considering my current condition, we decided to limit the number of songs I will participate in.


I’m feeling very energetic,
But there are still various parts where I need to take things slowly.


Whether it was Annila or the tour


I’m really grateful to the members who filled in for my position.


Thank you.


I’m sure there’s many of you who wanted to see more of those members’ performances.


I’m sorry.



There are things where I need to take things slow,
And there are things which I find inconvenient,
Right now, I’ll do my best to regain my normal daily life.


To be honest, I feel that me right now is probably not really needed by everyone.


And I deeply feel that I haven’t been able to be of any help to myself either.


But I’d like to try my best from scratch again from the start.


Until I reach my limits,
Even if I’m not needed, I want to do my best on what I can


So please, please.


I hope you can watch over me with warm eyes and a warm heart.



I’m sure there are those reading this blog, who also find it difficult to live day by day.


Please don’t think that you are alone.
It may seem like everyone is an enemy but the world is surprisingly kinder than you might think.


There’s nothing to be embarrassed about if you suddenly can’t do things that used to come naturally to you.


Up until now you have worked hard,
For once, take a break from trying too hard,
It’s enough just to be alive every day.
If you can wake up in the morning and sleep at night, then that’s great.


Let’s walk on this path together ☺︎







There are a lot of spontaneous photos with Riko.


Usually my shyness gets the best of me,
I don’t know why I act cold.
I can’t say it though.


Thank you so much.


I haven’t done a single thing that is senior-like, but for some reason, she’s someone who always gave me a lot of affection.


Riko has many people loving her to the fullest.
I hope she continues to grow to be pure and free like this.



So many members were playing with my hair that I just went along with it.



The matching pouch Hikari-chan gave me. 🎀


She gave me a heartfelt letter along with it.


Let’s share our hearts equally and walk together.



Please continue to support Sakurazaka from now on as well.
Thank you very much for reading my blog.



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