* (2021.09.09)



It’s Kobayashi Yui



Today, on the official website,

my hiatus has been announced



Since the start of the year

The option of “taking a break” has come to mind

On each occasion, I have continued to work while discussing about it


But I thought that I need to take a break,

to take a time off

in order to be able to devote myself more fully to my activities in the future,

so I made the decision


It’s not a hiatus in a negative way,

I think that it’s a time I need right now for the future


That’s why I hope that you don’t feel worry

and wait for me 😌


I am truly sorry for the sudden announcement



Due to my hiatus,

I will not be participating in all the performances

of the National Arena Tour that will start from this weekend


I am sorry for those who are already looking forward to it 🙇

I’d be happy if you could see the strong figure of the members

who said that they will do their best for my sake as well 😌



In the timing of the release of 3rd single,

and the people who am I involved with in various jobs,

I’d like to apologize to the inconvenience I caused

I participated in all the production of the single


Please look forward to the release of

music videos and others 😌


I’ll be back with a smile!


I look forward to your continued support

of Sakurazaka46 🌸


see you again ⊿⊿

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