🎐🌻 (2021.08.01)



Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino here 🌸



August has started 🌻

Let’s do our best this month and not lose to the summer heat~!


It’s summer and I thought that I wanted to watch some horror movies so I tried to look for the movies, but I decided not to watch them because I knew I’m gonna regret it if I do so.
But since I’ve already seen the preview picture and everything, it made me scared of bath and hairdryer…
I once said that I love horror movies but as expected I’m not good at it

But I still want to watch it, someone please accompany me lol





We’ve changed to our summer uniform on today’s Sokosaku broadcast 🐶🕰


Please watch it since the uniform suits the members and the member themselves are so cute!


For me, it’s Koike-san. She looks so good in the uniform and it made me always watch her. Everyone is also so cute so please pay attention to them too.




I recommend this from Lawson 💙

It’s sticky and delicious!



Since the Sakurazaka46 and Hinatazaka46 campaign has also begun, please head over to Lawson!

I also go around Lawson since I wanted to get Hinatazaka46’s wafers too. But I couldn’t find any 🥺

When the Sakurazaka’s starts, I hope to be there on the day of its release! 🌟




And tonight I’ll be appearing in Kochi Hoshi start from 23.00 till 23.30!

Together with pitch hitter main personality, Hono-chan 😽

Please listen to it~!

Thank you for reading until the end


Kousaka Marino

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