1st February (2024.02.03)

May this spring

be the season of love, as it always is






It’s Odakura Reina.






Kobayashi-san’s graduation concert

was held on 31st January, 1st February.






I had originally planned to participate on both days,

however, due to the combination of my recent poor health condition and academic commitments, I have no choice but to take an absence.


I am truly sorry

to everyone who has been looking forward to it.







I was able to participate in the graduation ceremony at the end.


I was so glad to have been able to spend Kobayashi-san’s last stage appearance together with her.







Now then,


Kobayashi-san, congratulations on your graduation!


I am truly, truly happy to have been able to work together with her for a year.




I remember how on our first meeting after we joined,

I thought that she was someone with a gentle look in her eyes.


When I still can’t bring myself to speak with her,

she would give me witty retorts from behind


When I asked if I could take a picture together with her,

she answered with such a lovely smile


During dance lessons,

she showed me her cool back figure



She taught me so many things that I can’t describe her as just “a kind senior”.


I hope that my many feelings of “gratitude” could have been expressed to her.




I wish Kobayashi-san, who is about to walk on a new path,

lots of happiness.






I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫






#おだくらさんの日記 (Odakura-san’s Diary)



See ya!

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