Good evening

The 9th single, Jigoujitoku
has been released!

The title track this time is also cool, 
and I keep watching the video of the members dancing,
zooming in on each one of them…


Please look forward 
to the coupling songs 
being performed live someday

I’m looking forward to watching them too..!

Photo taken on the day of the artist’s photo shoot〜

Even though you can’t see because of my hair, 
but I like the cute part of the braid 
that looks like a ribbon


The footage of the 7th Single BACKSLIVE!!
is included as a bonus

It was a time that deepened my bond with the members.

I love them♡

During the 8th single period,


Mini Live, Meet and Greets, Real Meet and Greet,
Autograph session, National Tour, BACKSLIVE!!

To everyone who came to meet
and watch our shows,
thank you very much! 


Please continue to support us
during the 9th single period too.

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