Anniversary (2023.04.04)

Good morning




Thank you so much for

CDTV Live! Live! SP⚡️


Anniversary (2023.04.04)



Congratulations on the

30th year anniversary of the show🎉



thank you so much as always.








This time, we were able to perform “BAN”

on a music TV show for the first time in a while.



How was it~~?




As expected ~ I was nervous.




I’m grateful

we had the chance to perform

“BAN” again in this manner.



I hope we can do it again 😶‍🌫️


Thank you so much!












🗓Tuesday April 4th, from 26:13

“Iwakura to Yoshizumi no Bangumi”



I will make an appearance in this show.



It was really interesting because

it was a project about a book I love called

“Delusional Autobiography (Mousou Jijoden)” ‪‪☺︎



I was very interested in

Iwakura-san and Yoshizumi-san’s lives and personalities.  



Please watch it by all means 🐶








🗓Sunday April 9th, from 21:54

“Ariyoshi eeeee!”


I will make an appearance on this show

together with Yuipon-san.



And this broadcast will be

the 200th broadcast anniversary since the show started,

so congratulations 🌸


It’s an honor to make an appearance

at such a memorable time.


Thank you so much as always.




And the game for this occasion will be

the Peach Iron King decisive battle 🍑🚃


I wonder what will happen…!


Please watch it 🦏





I will write again.



See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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