Sakura Color (2023.04.04)


Hello Everyone – !!! 


Thank you for opening my blog 😺



Matono Mio will be the one in charge for today’s blog 🎯 



I received the baton from Yuzu 🏃‍♀️ 

Recently, I am into calling Yuzu as “Yuttan~”. 


What do you think about calling her “Yuttan”?  





Riko wrote in her blog that I am a trickster!! 😒

I don’t remember smooth talking anyone~ 😆😆

I love you Riko








💙 In the previous blog, I wrote a quiz on my best and worst subjects, did you get it~?☺💙


The correct answer is,
Best: Nothing……… maybe …………(´・ω・`)

Worst: Japanese, all Mathematics, all Sciences, all Social Studies, Home Economics


I got too many subjects that I am bad at


Did anyone get the correct answer?~!!


If there’s anyone, that’s amazing………



📸Miu Camera🌸



And, I received a lot of fan letters again 📮💌 

Really, thank you very much 

There is never a time when I read fan letters that I don’t cry 😢


During the times that I am sad, I read your fan letters, and remember the words you gave me during meet and greet 😽︎

I am always filled with gratitude






Did you get the chance to see 😆

“Weekly Shonen Magazine” no. 17 ?📕🗯


The 3 of us were given nice white clothes to wear,


And was allowed to go into the sea for a shoot 🏝


It was really fun!!!


Offshot 🤍👗


If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out ~ ☺️





☀️ I was able to watch Hinatazaka46-san’s “4th Hinatansai”. 


There are cute songs and cools songs, and their expressions and singing styles differ depending on the song, 

watching from start to finish, I really admire how the emotions are affected by each song…😌 

I always feel energized by Hinatazaka-san’s bright smiles and energetic performance.


I was reaaaaaalllllyyy happy! 





Everyone, have you seen Nagi’s blog〜?☺️ 


We took this during the calendar shoot, 

the half of Nagi and I’s two-shot photo! 


Please try to connect them to complete it! 


I have this two-shot as my phone lock screen ✌🏻‎🤍


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thank you for all the selfie requests at the online meet & greet 😭🤍

I am reaaaallllyyyy happy! 😆

There are many, many photos that I would like to post, 

I will be uploading little by little so, I will be glad if you can wait for a bit. …😌❤️‍🔥少

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Recently, I have seen a lot of sakura in full bloom! 🌸 

Walking in a street with sakura trees, the sakura color in front of me lifts my spirit. 


I will do my best to be dyed in Sakura color too 💃




It’s time for season change, so please be careful with catching colds 🍀 ̖́


Eat, sleep, and stay warm 👍🏻 


Thank you for taking your time to read this far!!! 

See you next time 🎵 


Please look forward to Itoha’s blog tomorrow~👍🏻  

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  1. Absolutely not him

    Mio probably went hinatansai with cute nickname for yuzuki 🥰🥰

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