Announcement (2022.01.24)

Good evening~


I have something to say today to you who have always supported me.


With the end of the upcoming 4th single, I will be graduating from Sakurazaka46.


Until now,

there are moments where I thought about graduation,

but the moments where I got to meet you,

and work with the members are so fun and joyful,


I’ve come so far until today with the thoughts,

“I’d like to stay long with everyone”,

“I’d like to work hard here a little longer”.


The group name changed from Keyakizaka46 to Sakurazaka46,

I’ve truly had so many experiences.


Each moment are so joyful and fun,

emotions that I won’t meet if I didn’t work here are born,

and while there are times when I was exhausted both mentally and physically,

there were always kind, warm people surrounding me.


I felt that I definitely won’t be able to work this far if I were alone.


The members who are always near at all times

The staff who supports us with love

You, who we feel happy together with, and support us by sharing your feelings

My family and friends who have always been on my side


To everyone I have been involved with until now

I am sincerely grateful.


Truly, thank you very much.


I have worked as Keyakizaka46 for about 5 years,

and it’s been a year since I started working as Sakurazaka46,

and now as we are entering our second year,


I thought about it over and over again,

and came to this decision.


I’d like to spend my remaining time as Sakurazaka46 thoroughly, while also carefully


I hope that I could make fun times until the end together with you,

so please treat me well



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