Cherry-blossom viewing (2023.03.27)

Good evening!



🗓Tuesday 28th
From 11:55, “Hirunandesu!”


🗓Wednesday 29th
From 8:00, “Love it!”


🗓 Thursday 30th
From 20:00, “5th single Mini Live”
From 21:30 “TikTok live broadcast”


🗓Monday April 3rd
From 18:30 “CDTV Live! Live! SP”



I will be making appearances on these shows 🙇🌸


Thankfully the live broadcasts continue
and there are many opportunities to meet in real time too
so I am very happy.


Lots of fun~~





And there’s just about two weeks left
until the first day of the tour.



So nervous… 😳



I’ll be looking forward to your support.









A few days ago, I went to watch the cherry blossoms 🌸‪‪☺︎

Cherry-blossom viewing (2023.03.27)



There was a lot of greenery,
but I was happy I was able to see them up close~.



They were lovely.





I also ate shaved ice
which I’ve become addicted to since last year’s festival 🍧





In the past, they used to have only syrup!

The evolution is amazing.







Well then, see you tomorrow
in “Hirunandesu!~~🧸



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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