I’ll give you a hug (2021.02.18)


It’s Matsudaira Riko

2nd generation member from Tokyo 🐰
\ Mini Live to Commemorate Sakurazaka46’s 1st single /

Did you watch the mini live that starts from 7PM JST 18th February? 💐

Personally, it was my last mini live,
So I danced each song with great care 🩰♡
I am happy to be able to see many members’ face
In “Baddies”* part of choreography where members’ look at each other ☺️

[*T/N: She wrote it wrong]


I remember very clearly how Hono-chan dance with teary eyes,
I got caught in the mood! (lol)
I love you~
Every time I thought
That I should convey (my feelings) while I can 🐻



At the end,
The 9 2nd generation took picture together on the stage 📷
One of my favorite picture of us hugging each other 💐




By the way…
Do you get this nostalgic pose from everyone…?
It’s our individual pose that was shown in shows and Omotenashikai (Quick to tell the answer)

How nostalgicーー😳💭





Long haired Riko after a long while






I wonder how many more times I could take picture with everyone,
I often went and counted down within my mind… The feelings have slowly started to appear

When I started to feel that way, by chance, someone would always say “2nd generation members, let’s take pictures!”
Listening to that voice, first I took a picture with Matsuda ^_^♡







And then… 🪐

○ At 20th February from 6PM JST~
I will be doing a SHOWROOM stream 💐
I’m sure that this will be my last SHOWROOM
So I’d be happy if you could come (and watch) ☺️
This will be the first time I do SHOWROOM by my self
So I feel very nervous…
I will do my best to make a fun time with you!





I truly love all the members ;;💐♡


Music of the day
SUPER BEAVER / Hitori de Ikiteita Naraba


Well then, see you again

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