There’s an indecisive human being (me) (2021.02.18)

There is an indecisive human being (me)

For that human (me), when there are 6 interesting books,



I don’t know what to do


In the end, I feel I should narrow it down then order it online


So I could select carefully, I read the books’ review



I’m drawn into gathering information
I’m drawn into gathering information

I repeat this over 6 times


So I could select carefully…


Just kidding




Reading the reviews
gives courage and reason for me to buy all 6 of them


I’ve known from the beginning that I really think
“Let’s buy all six of them♩”




After I think again, yes


I want to read all 6 books
I will start reading all 6 books 📚



I think I will start reading them little by little!



6, 6, 6….. 6!!!!




February 16th

It’s been 1 year since the 6 of us joined the group


We went through February 16th
As the 15 of us, sakamichi group trainee, doing a group call✨

My beloved 15






As a person, something important, ambition, individuality…

Emotions and all the things I have gained when I was trainee have become my energy now.





Please take care of me this 2nd year, too✴︎





The first appearance for us, 15 trainees, in magazine’s cover and special feature was by BRODY-san
If I look back, even now it is my beloved and cherished edition.



🍫 BRODY which will be released on February 22nd (Monday)

My solo gravure will be featured✨
There will be some off-shot too~!



🍫Sakumimi#19 with Akane-san will be uploaded~~

Tomorrow, #20 will also be uploaded,

So please listen!





And, tonight

Is “Nobody’s fault” mini live release commemoration✨
Let’s have a blast together~~!!








Ozono Rei



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