It’s the 14th blog~~🎂 🍅 🍧 (2023.08.01)



Thank you very much for opening my blog!




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation’s Taniguchi Airi🐡from Yamaguchi and currently 18 years old.






It’s the 14th blog from Airi, who dropped her smartphone only after taking the cover off of it and cracked the protective glass, then accidentally knocked over the yogurt she was eating and ended up depressed for the whole day






It’s been a while~~!



Do you guys get this unlucky too~?



I ate some ice cream to try to cheer myself up, but when I saw my broken smartphone, it made me depressed~🥲




I still have not bought another protective glass by the way…






It’s August!!!



I guess students are all on holiday already?



There were years when I finished my summer vacation assignments in a week, and there were years when I worked hard until midnight at the last minute~




There were overwhelmingly more times when I did it in the last minute though..🤭






What type of people are you guys~?

Let me know in #愛季に知らせたいこと(WhatIWantToLetAiriKnow) ~




— Weekly Young Jump —-



I will be featured in the gravure section at the end of Weekly Young Jump 2023 No.36 releasing on Thursday, August 3.


I got to be in a shoot with a warmer vibe!


please check it out~ !!






ー 6th Single “Start over!” Streaming Mini Live ー




Thank you all for watching!


the 3rd generation
was allowed to perform “Seijaku no Bouryoku” and “Anthem time.”



how was it~~? ?





In the 2nd part of “Seijaku no Bouryoku,” there is a part where I dance with Riko (Endo Riko), and everyone complimented me during practice saying “You have a good sense of stability~” 🤭🤭


I want to express myself with all my strength until the hair that is tied up is loosened.




“Anthem time” has elements of cheerleading, and I dance with the feeling of cheering someone on.


While dancing, it’s soo fun I naturally end up smiling ☺️



As far as my voice goes, I will do my best to deliver my thoughts to everyone!





The archive will be streamed from 20:00 on August 15th (Tuesday), so please take a look!





— Meet & Greet —-




The Meet & Greet was held on July 29th and 30th~




Thank you to everyone who came to see us!



My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard every time lol



At the time of the 5th part on the 30th! (pic 1)




I grew ears—



Is this a dog? Cat? Fox? Wolf?


I don’t know what kind of ears these are…







A few people told me at the Meet & Greet the other day that it’s been 200 days since I was unveiled yesterday! ! !


I was surprised and was like


“Has it been that long?!”


It’s very easy to understand with numbers.


I think it has been the most intense 200 days of my life



From now on, I will do my best to grow a lot!









We participated in OSAKA GIGANTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2023 on July 23rd.


It was the first summer festival in my life, and I was really excited!


I’ve seen festival videos of various artists until now, but it was a strange feeling to see the scenery as it was.




In addition to the 3rd gen’s “Natsu no Chikamichi”,
I was given Kobayashi-san’s position in “Dead end.”



Ever since we performed BAN during the tour,
I was nervous because I was able to perform with seniors.


Seeing the other members dancing was really cool and I learned a lot.


When I practiced with my seniors, I was so nervous that Ten-sama smiled at me through the mirror, which made me really happy.



In the actual performance, both songs were so tense and fun that I went “Woah” and now I can’t even really remember anything from it



But I do remember that it was fun!



I was surprised to see towels with my name on them despite the fact that nobody knew the 3rd gens would be participating




I want to keep going with all my might without wasting various chances.







July 25th was Reina’s birthday! !


Happy 19th birthday🎊🎂


When my meet and greet room was next door to hers, I could hear Reina saying “Thank you~!!” passionately which I found cute every time


I hope your 19th year is a wonderful one 




It just happened that our ears were a different color~



It made me happy


yaay yaay





The other day, Mio (Mio Matono) suddenly said


“The Heart of a Dog goes Doggu Doggu”
[t/n: Japanese pronunciation of Dog but also kind of similar to an onomatopoeia for a heartbeat]


 I couldn’t help but listen to it twice and couldn’t stop laughing lol 


It was so sudden that I thought her head was glitching out.


I like that side of her~



— Q&A–



Q:  Do you like pickled plums sour? Sweet?



I don’t want to abandon one or the other, but…



I’m a sour food person!


I love umeboshi that feels really salty🤤


My grandmother pickles plums for me every year, and the plums are really sour.


Writing this blog is making me want to eat them.




Q:  What do you want to eat in the hot summer?



Shaved ice maybe??


The other day, when I was shopping with Yu (Murai Yu), we happened to come across some tasty looking shaved ice,


we kept being like


“I want some~ I want some~”


Let’s go eat next time~~🍧



After that, I guess it’s soba?


In my house, soba noodles were often served during the hot summer.


The moment when I eat soba noodles in a noodle soup with okra I am happy ☺️


What would you like to eat~




Q:  What kind of clothes do you wear often?



I often change my style depending on my mood!



What I’m into shifts from style to style, cool type, neat type, street type… it changes all the time!



I don’t know what kind of clothes will look good on me, so when I go shopping for clothes, I often leave without buying anything.


Are there any kind of clothes you think would suit me~?


I never know what to buy🥲


Please let me know~






This time I will leave it here! 


Thank you for reading!





It’s getting really hot these days so eat and rest lots! 


Check your hydration and salt levels too!


Don’t catch a cold by turning on the air conditioner too much!


Wait for me until the next time~~




Tomorrow is Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki)!


At the meet & greet the other day, in Yuzu’s room
I wrote a message for her to do her best


Yuzu and I want to go to a delicious sweet bean cream shop next time~~!

I wonder if there are any?


Stay tuned for Yuzu’s blog!









See you👋🏻👋🏻



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