Lately I Always Listen to “Natsu no Chikamichi!” (2023.03.23)

Hello helloー!
This is Ten!
Sotetsu Tokyu Direct Line Commemoration Movie
“Chichi to Musume no Fuukei”
Father and Daughter
Have you guys watched it?
The father who watched over the growth of his daughter ever since childhood until adulthood
25 fathers, and 25 daughters
All the 50 people, representing each situation in detail
The filming that was all done with the man-power of many staffs
We had to be in sync
It was a nice filming place filled with such great nervousness.
Since it’s quite hard to convey it in words,
So please check out the behind-the-scene!
This is the video of the short movie
You can also watch the making of the video that shows the rehearsal footage and other activities that took us several days, along with my interview with Odagiri Joe, with who I worked together for the first time!
Since there are a lot of details that you can pay attention to, I hope you can watch it many times!!
And the train campaign ads have started!
There’s even a large poster displayed at the station!
To commemorate it, I went to Futamatagawa and Shin-Yokohama station!!
Since there’s a lot of it that’s displayed I also got a bit embarrassed…
I’m really happy because of the people that also said “I have gone to see it~” to me in Meet & Greet!
Since there’s more that’s displayed besides the ones that are in these pictures, to the people that have the time, please do check it out okay!
Next up!
In the May edition of “ViVi” that’s on sale today, I got the chance to be the solo model for the cover!
It became a cover that’s very spring-like🌸
Also, I get to do a shooting with alpacas🦙
I’d be happy if you would get a copy of it
These are the pictures from Meet & Greet
Please excuse me, it’s the pollen allergy.
Also! also!
Today, from 9 PM JST
I will appear in “Secret Kenmin Show Goku”!!
Since it’s the show I have always longed for, I am really happy to be able to show up there!
I passionately talk about Osaka’s citizens’ love of “Ponzu” there! lol
Since all the cookings that are introduced there were really delicious, so please do watch it!
Since it’s today at 9 PM JST, it’s pretty soon already right! lol
Don’t miss it out!
Well then~ bye bye~

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